Q & A with non-smokers about campus smoking ban

Dylan Haviland General Assignment Reporter 

Erik Cerone and Kamal Shaham are both sophomores at SCSU, Cerone’s major is economics while Shaham focuses on computer science as his.  They both enjoy the YouTtube channel ‘Collegehumor’ in particular the sketch series ‘Jake and Amir.’  Both of the students do not practice smoking.

What is your opinion on a smoking ban?

Shaham: “I kind of like it, I mean whenever I see someone doing it I don’t like breathing it in so I try to walk away or walk faster.  So I think it’s a good ban. I don’t smoke so it’s not gonna affect me.”

Cerone: “I don’t like to secondhand smoke a cigarette on my way to class.”

Shaham: “Ya, exactly I don’t want to breathe in cancer every time I walk to class.”

Cerone: “It makes sense not being able to smoke while walking to class though with a huge crowd of people.”

Do you think smokers are angry with the ban?

Shaham: “Ya, they probably will be but they probably are going to ignore it unless it’s heavily enforced you just gotta see what police are going to do and how it is enforced.”

Cerone: “I mean I don’t really think its right to do it.”

Shaham: “I don’t think they are going to enforce it though, I cannot see it.”

Cerone: “I’m not a smoker but I don’t think they should be doing that.”

Shaham: “I think it’s nice but I just don’t know how seriously they are gonna take it.”

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