Ask Adelle: Update on the Wellness Center

Adelle ZocherSpecial to the Southern News

Happy belated Valentine’s, readers! I hope everyone’s day was filled with love and lots of treats! To everyone, single or taken, I hope you took the chance to celebrate self-love. Loving and nurturing yourself is just as important as sharing and receiving love from another. Treat yourself well and you will flourish, self-love lends itself to loving others! In the Wellness Center we are celebrating sex-positivity and safe practices all month long— making getting frisky less risky!

A very big thank you for the reader who asked for some information and education on healthily approaching BDSM (Bondage and Discipline/Dominance, Sadism and Masochism.) As the newest installment in the “Fifty Shades of Grey” saga comes out on Valentine’s Day, some may find their interests piqued by the often-taboo topic that gets a lot of media attention in the wake of the film(s). The stigma around BDSM portrays it as abusive or perverted, but you might be surprised to learn that those who are involved in these practices describe it to be built on a bond of deep trust and clear intimate communication. Trust and open communication are crucial to a healthy sexual relationship, whatever you may be into!

For our first week of Frisky February, Wellness Wednesday in Adanti Center focused on how to talk to your partner about getting tested for STDs. We had over 25 students stop by for educational materials and to share how they would express their desire for their partner to be tested. A huge thank you to the participants! Some of the awesome responses included: “Let’s get tested together!” “I get tested every six months, will you get tested with me this month?” “It’s nothing against you, I just want to be safe!” “I don’t want to assume anything, but to be as safe as possible we should both get tested.” “I don’t want to go alone, come with me.” A complete list of your fellow owls’ responses can be found on our facebook page.

Knowing the facts about STDs and a matter-of-fact approach to testing WILL improve your relationship, and your health. Our Get Yourself on Valentine’s Day saw around 20 students for free, confidential testing– thank you for those who participated, cheers to you for being proactive about your health! The next GYT event is Wednesday, March 22 in Granoff Hall.

Here in the Wellness Center, our programs are focused on 5 Ss’: Sex, Stress, Sleep, Substances and Smoking. In regards to the latter, it is safe to say everyone knows tobacco is no good—it’s written all over the packaging, you can’t deny the facts!

Cancer is the biggest concern when it comes to tobacco use, but it can have some serious effects on your appearance and sexual health state as well. Smoking yellows teeth and causes skin to look sallow and wrinkle prematurely. It may stain fingers yellow, and the scent clings to your skin, clothing and hair—it may not be noticeable to you, but the smell of smoke really lingers—butt breath is never sexy! Proper circulation is necessary for sexual arousal, and tobacco constricts blood vessels which restricts blood flow. Long-term smoking is linked to erectile dysfunction and problems with lubrication.

Smoking can also decrease fertility in both men and women—yikes! The good news is here at SCSU (a tobacco and vape free campus) we offer programs to help you quit and stay tobacco free! Dr. Diane Morgenthaler, director of Health Services runs a FREE, confidential, 8-week smoking cessation program. Do you know someone who smokes? You can refer your friend to help him/her kick the habit by emailing the Tobacco Program Coordinator, Victoria Adams, at

Also, every Tuesday from 12-2 in the Engleman Rotunda or the Adanti Center you can stop by our ‘Tobacco Free Tuesday’ events to learn more about tobacco and score some free goodies. If you are looking for more information, please feel free to stop by the Wellness Center too! As always, thank you for reading and please let us know how we can help you to have a happy, healthy, frisky February and beyond!


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