Today: Jul 12, 2024

Health center


Surviving sickness during the cold months

Philip Zoppi – General Assignment Reporter With temperatures dropping, there is a preconception among Southern students that cold weather makes people more prone to sickness. According to WebMD, the cold weather does nothing to
Adelle Zocher, Photo Credit: Jessica Roginski

Ask Adelle: Update on the Wellness Center

Adelle Zocher – Special to the Southern News Happy belated Valentine’s, readers! I hope everyone’s day was filled with love and lots of treats! To everyone, single or taken, I hope you

Students desire better campus experience

Students from the Journalism News Writing course under the direction of Prof. Cindy Simoneau surveyed students on campus services. Project editors: Kevin Crompton, Sidney Jones, August Pelliccio and Michael Riccio. Student reporters: Matthew Araujo, Jailene

Ask Adelle from the Wellness Center

Adelle Zocher – Special to the Southern News Greetings SCSU students from here in Schwartz Hall! My name is Adelle Zocher (no Grammys yet, but at least I’ve got the double ‘L’) and

Students get themselves tested

Alex Palmieri – News Writer Students at Southern were allowed to walk in to Granoff Health Services and get themselves tested for any kind of diseases or HIV. The event was called Get