Today: Jul 24, 2024

45 Things to Do Before You Graduate

1.       Attend Welcome Weekend in the fall

2.        Sit in the Blue Crew section at a basketball game

3.       Try Bar’s mashed potato pizza

4.       Go to a Yale Rep play

5.       Get Rich’s Farm’s Ice Cream in Seymour

6.       Try an intramural sport

7.       Go to a Folio reading

8.       Go to a concert at The Space in Hamden

9.       Climb West Rock

10.   Watch the sunrise or sunset on Sleeping Giant

11.   Take part in Jail and Bail fundraiser in the spring

12.   Go to Toads Place

13.   Take a class which is completely out of your comfort zone, but sounds interesting.

14.   Meet President Papazian

15.   Use a Meal Exchange to experiment with Dunkin Donuts coffee flavors

16.   Get a free Blue Crew shirt at one of our 17 varsity sports events

17.   Attend a Reslife program in Farnham

18.   Play on the beach volleyball court outside of Chase Hall

19.   Request for your favorite pizza to be made at Conn. Hall

20.   Wake up bright and early for class registration at 6 a.m.

21.   Grab a well-deserved drink after exams

22.   Attend one of the sorority/fraternity events

23.   Spend a day walking around downtown New Haven

24.   Take part in Hall Olympics

25.   Fool a friend with the Southern News April Fools “Spoof” edition

26.   Run for a position in the SCSU student government

27.   Grab breakfast at 4 a.m. from Three Brothers diner

28.   Request a song or become a DJ at WSIN – the campus radio station

29.   Get a free ice cream in the academic quad at certain events

30.   Give blood at an on-campus blood drive

31.   Go to a party at the Pine Rock townhouses

32.   Go to free PB & J Thursday in Engleman Hall

33.   Go to the homecoming football game and paint your face

34.   Take the train from Union Station into New York

35.   Sit on the benches outside of Conn Hall and people watch

36.   Have one of the hot-out-the-oven cookies from North Market

37.   Watch a movie in the student center theatre

38.   Play table tennis or pool in one of the dorms with a group of friends

39.  Join in/start chants and cheers at any of the sporting events on campus

40 Wear something that is not sweats to class

41. Meet the new Athletic Director, Jay Moran.

42. Attend a Southern pep rally in Moore Field House

43. Read an issue of Southern News cover-to-cover

44. Sign up for a fitness class

45.   High five Otis the Owl and take a picture with him

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