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The new Dean of Arts and Sciences isn’t your ordinary Dean

Aaron Berkowitz – General Assignment Reporter

Most colleges can’t say truthfully that their dean can be spotted skateboarding around on campus, but SCSU can as Steven Breese claimed the title of Dean of Arts & Sciences this semester.

Breese is enthusiastic and feeds off the energy of his peers. He said he’s adjusting well to the new position and he has enjoyed the short period of time that he’s been at Southern.

“I love it here,” said Breese. “It’s a great place to be, everyone seems to be outgoing and friendly. The faculty is equally fantastic.”

Dean Breese said that he comes from Christopher Newport University in Virginia (CNU), where he was the chair of a department and a dean. He said that there was half the number of students at CNU and that the job at SCSU was appealing to him because of the mission that the school has set out to accomplish.

“The experience that I brought from the real world, in terms of organization and creativity, was valued,” said Breese “I tend to be energetic and have the ability to build productive teams. As a leader, I think it puts me in a position to be creative, which is good.”

According to Dean Breese, learning is still a big part of his job. He said that his favorite part of the job so far would have to be the wide range of people that he has encountered. Breese also said that since he’s been here he has been trying to frame the bigger objectives for the department so that it can continue to improve.

dean of arts

“While I’m here we hope to improve the graduation rates and I think that I can help the arts,” said Breese. “I also want to help the staff, who already do a great job, do better.”

Breese said that he is constantly thinking of ways that he can help improve the department and if he could pass on one thing to his students it would be the knowledge for them to pursue their passions correctly.

“Students should recognize their passion,” said Breese. “Let it ferment inside you to make sure it’s your passion, then pursue it with everything you have. Life should be enjoyable, but is also a lot of hard work.”

Breese said that he believes that the happiest people in life are the ones who pursue something that they love and never take no for an answer.

dean of arts and

When he’s not enjoying working at Southern, Breese said he enjoys cruising around campus on his longboard, playing his guitar, and riding his motorcycle.

“The students around me motivate me to continue working,” said Breese “If you’re here working, then I want to be here working hard too. I wouldn’t have a job if it wasn’t for the students.”

Dean Breese said that he enjoys knowing that he’s playing a role in students succeeding in college and after they graduate as well.

“I love education so I’m constantly thinking of ways we can do our job better as a university,” said Breese. “When you see kids graduating with their masters degrees, I can’t help but think that’s my success as well.”

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