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Exciting opportunities from the Multicultural Center this semester

Aaron Berkowitz – General Assignments Writer


The Multicultural Center is the room located on the second floor of the Michael J. Adanti Student Center with the lounge area that is decorated with ethnic art and books for students to read or sign out for the semester. Students who come in are welcomed by the staff and greeted with smiles.

Ms. Dian Brown-Albert, the coordinator of the Multicultural Center, said that she couldn’t run the office accordingly without help from her “right hand” Chi Anako, a grad intern from the University of Connecticut, or her University Assistant/Graphic Designer, Meghan Davis. Brown-Albert also said that she wants more students to utilize the Multicultural Center’s space on campus even if it is just to relax in the common room area.

“The space is available, not just for clubs and organizations, but to any student,” said Brown-Albert. “We try to create an open inviting environment so that more kids can come learn exactly what we do here in the office and all that we have to offer.”

The Multicultural Center offers a lot of resources to students that they aren’t aware of when they first get to SCSU, said Akeem Elliot, 24, an SCSU student who graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in Communications.

“Students should definitely look into the books that the Multicultural Center offers,” said Elliot. “You can rent a book for the semester for free which is always good if you can’t afford it.

Brown-Albert said that even though the Center doesn’t have books for the entire school they do offer other things that are valuable to students. The Multicultural Center’s webpage on the SCSU website lists affiliated student organizations that people of any culture can find interesting and join.

“There’s the OLAS, Chinese Student Association, The People to People Club, and a lot more,” said Brown-Albert while explaining various groups and events that the Multicultural Center is involved with.

“On Friday September 20, his excellence Ernest Bai Koroma, the president of Sierra Leone, will be visiting the UN for the annual meeting of Presidents. Students from Sierra Leone or who are just interested in meeting the President and hear him speak should come out and show some Southern pride,” said Albert-Brown.


At 10 a.m. on September 20 students and staff who are interested can come out and hear the president speak at the Amistad statue in front of City Hall.

“This year the MCC, with support from the OLAS and the SCSU Common Read Community, have invited Carmen Elisa Espinosa. She is the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice in Connecticut, which is huge.”

Espinosa will be at SCSU on September 30 at 1pm in the Ballroom and the event is open to all students. Brown Albert said that there will be Latin cuisine for students to enjoy and also live entertainment.

Chi Anako said that she assists Ms. Brown-Albert with daily student interactions but also has a cause of her own to help students discuss topics and network with neighboring universities.

“On October 2 at 7:30 p.m. we will hold a small conference and discussion with students from Quinnipiac, Yale, UNH, and Albertus… Within the tables of students, they will all discuss answers to questions on topics posed by a proctor and then another question will be posed,” said Anako. “We want to educate our students and reach start a good partnership with other universities.”

“The programs that I’ve attended gave me a better sense of how interacting with people from different cultures can be positive and I feel as though it helps students have a good time on campus by better understanding each other,“ said Elliot. “The Multicultural Center always has something going on and a great display of art too, it’s kind of like a mini museum in there.”

Art exhibits are also in the process of being finalized for the end of September to showcase art students of SCSU’s talent said Brown-Albert. The theme is a remake on famous Chinese artwork and students are encouraged be on the lookout for other upcoming events and stop by the Multicultural Center.

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