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Freshmen enjoy Welcome Weekend with Southern pride

New students enjoying the club fair

Mackenzie Hurlbert – Managing Editor

Fried dough, cupcakes, and live performances were just three of the many things that made up Sunday’s Welcome Weekend street fair festivities. Free food, t-shirts, and entertainment drew Southern newcomers out of their dorms and into the residential quad between Hickerson and Chase halls.  Students wore blue and white to show their SCSU Owls support and pride.

“I think it’s a really fun atmosphere. Everybody is out here trying to have some fun for move in and new student orientations. I think it’s great and I love the enthusiasm,” said Wesley Boucher, a junior and member of RHA, Resident Hall Association. Boucher manned the booth and informed incoming freshmen and transfer students about what RHA does.

Wesley Boucher, right, manning the RHA table at the club fair
Wesley Boucher, right, manning the RHA table at the club fair

“We’ve been having a lot of people interested. A lot of people are checking us out which is great. I’m very excited,” he said. Many organizations from around campus helped setup and run the club fair. New students could look around and see which clubs they might be interested in joining without feeling the pressure of having to commit. Many clubs enticed student interest by handing out candy and giving away things like sunglasses and Frisbees.

“I’m a Resident Advisor in North Campus, and I am in RHA. I’m Programming Board Chairperson for RHA, the programming source for residence halls and resident hall students,” said Boucher. “All of the hall councils in every residence hall come to us and they ask for some money and join our meetings. We are kind of the umbrella that [hall councils] fall under.”

Boucher also talked about the upcoming trips and events run by the organization. “We plan trips! Like this semester alone we have Lake Compounce for Fright Fest, we’re planning sibling night, we’re planning the tailgates, and we’re doing the Big E trip.” RHA is also planning a New York Trip, Winter Wonderland party, and day of service.

Sigma Gamma Rho strolling at the club fair over the weekend.
Sigma Gamma Rho strolling at the club fair over the weekend.

Katie McKernan, a freshman commuter, took advantage of the festivities at the street fair. “It’s pretty cool,” she said, after signing up for information on some clubs.

When asked if she felt prepared for the year ahead, McKernan said, “I’m not really worried. I feel like high school kind of prepared me for most of it, and then from here, it’s just like go for it!” She also said she has some goals for this upcoming year. “Probably, just to get better at focusing on school and on my dreams. Also to actually enjoy myself.”

McKernan plans to be a social work major in order to help others. “A friend of mine inspired me,” said McKernan about deciding to be a social work major. “I was always kind of a part of helping her through stuff and because of her, I want to help other people.”

Freshmen Becca Busillo and Julia Lubrano, who plans to be a special education major, enjoyed the comedy show that took place over Welcome Weekend. “It was really funny,” said Busillo. The show was a good break from the informational sessions that took place on Sunday. “Today we had a bunch of meetings in the morning and a lot of presentations,” said Busillo, who plans to be an elementary education major.

After these meetings students could enjoy the street fair in front of Hickerson and Chase halls in the residential quad. Not only was there a buffet style cookout with chicken, mac-and-cheese, watermelon, and pasta, but there was also a cupcake truck, fried dough truck, ice cream truck, and a Mexican eatery among many others.

New students enjoying the club fair
New students enjoying the club fair

The street fair also included a sign making stand and a photo booth where students could take pictures with their friends dressed in funny hats and glasses. For entertainment there was live music, a video game trailer, and live dance and vocal performances by other Southern students.

Busillo and Jessica Hodge were new roommates and met each other for the first time on Saturday’s move-in. “We talked with each other on Facebook and texted each other before meeting.” They hit it off well and look forward to making more friends over the upcoming semester. I look forward to meeting the people in my classes, said Busillo.

When asked what were the main things they hoped to accomplish this semester, Busillo and Lubrano said, “Mainly getting involved, meeting people, finding new friends, and getting to know my professors.” When asked the same question, Hodge, who plans to be an early education major, said, “I think just growing as a person and figuring out who I am away from my family.”


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