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Database inadvertently shared data with ICE

Victoria Bresnahan—News Editor & Tamonda Griffiths—News Writer The Southern University Police Department has been linked to inadvertently providing license plate recognition data to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement through a cloud-based online database. Patrick Dilger, director of Integrated Communications & Marketing, said, in a telephone interview, the university disabled the sharing function of the database, Vigilant Solutions, once the

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Police Panel Discussion: “The people that I should trust the most, I’m afraid of”

Anisa Jibrell – News Writer A routine traffic stop can be a nerve-racking experience, even if you happen to be a probation officer for the state of Connecticut judicial branch. During a panel discussion titled “The Law From Our Eyes: A Conversation with the Police, the Community and You,” Tai Richardson recounted getting pulled over on his way to work by two

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