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Stereotypes still exist in society, experts say

Aaron Berkowitz – News Reporter  A world without stereotypes is a world where everyone can truly be himself or herself, said Lauren Todd, graduate intern for the S.A.G.E Center. “I think stereotypes and the gender roles that still exist are extremely detrimental to society,” said Todd. She explained that the S.A.G.E Center aims to encourage people to be comfortable with

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Sexual objectification in the media needs to stop

Vivian Englund – Copy Editor  Sexual objectification can be defined as looking at people specifically as de-humanized “things” used solely for sexual pleasure. In dehumanization the people viewed as sex objects are seen to lack personality or any intellectual depth whatsoever. The media often portrays sexual objectification in advertisements, music videos, and TV shows, but the list goes on and

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Males are inaccurately portrayed by media

Photo Credit: cristian Paige Tillinghast – Special to the Southern News In the past year, issues concerning feminism and women’s rights have become more outspoken and discussed. Whether it’s the misinformation about what feminism actually means or just the back and forth debate on what’s appropriate and what’s just flaunting your body, the media has covered it all. However, one main goal

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News finds students on social media

Eric Urbanowicz – Special to The Southern News  As he prepares to begin his radio show, Jon Reynolds, the news director at Southern Connecticut State University’s radio station, WSIN, scrolls through the latest news on his cell phone. While scrolling through the different pages of news sites, he jots down the most eye-catching stories and stories he believes his audience

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Psychologist says college students use social media to form identities

Anisa Jibrell – General Assignment Reporter Hopping onto the endless web of social media channels has indefinitely become a college essential, but the social media regime has its hiccups that students of Southern are all too familiar with. “I think a lot of what you see on the internet is just for show,” said Susan Bowes, senior computer science major.

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