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Mario Kart Tour disappoints with mobile gameplay

Nina Bartlomiejczyk — Copy Editor On Sept. 25, Nintendo released its new mobile game, “Mario Kart Tour” for Android and iOS, which, according to CNN Business, “was downloaded more than 90 million times in its first week.” This game marks the 14th installment in Nintendo’s “Mario Kart” series. The mobile game allows gamers to enter the racing world of Nintendo’s

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NBA 2K20 disappoints again with stale gameplay

Max Vadakin — Copy Editor Earlier this month, 2K Sports released “NBA 2K20,” continuing its yearly routine of distributing the next edition of inadequate and disappointing gameplay. Even the watershed addition of WNBA teams and modes added into the game could not save NBA 2K20 from appearing stale and repetitive. For the past few years, NBA 2K games have been

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Pokémon Masters mobile game review

Jacob Waring — Online Editor The Pokémon Company has released a new app called “Pokémon Masters,” a mobile game for both iOS and Android phones.  Right off the bat, the game is absolutely nothing like the main games such as “Pokémon Red”, nor is it similar to “Pokémon Go”. Players are not catching these fantastic creatures, but collecting famed trainers, gym leaders and

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