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Tuition increase approved

Tamonda Griffiths—News Writer During a Finance and Infrastructure Committee meeting, Connecticut State Colleges and Universities system’s Board of Regents for Higher Education approved a tuition increase of about 5% to the four state universities for the fiscal year 2020. “That does all sound like a lot,” said Student Government Association President Alexis Zhitomi, during an SGA meeting the week after

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Senator Murphy visits to discuss the cost of higher education

Josh LaBella – News Writer Connecticut Senator Christopher Murphy visited campus last Friday to discuss the cost of higher education. The Sept. 1 meeting took place in the Engleman Hall administration wing and had about two dozen students along with some faculty members and press attend. “I want to hear people’s stories,” said Murphy. “I want to hear people’s stories

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Tuition increase discussed at University Dialogue

Josh LaBella – General Assignment Reporter Southern Connecticut State University President Joe Bertolino opened with a round of applause to those faculty and staff who keep the campus operational. “Your effort does not go unnoticed,” said Bertolino. Bertolino hosted the first University Dialogue of the spring semester. There he laid out his short term and long term goals for Southern. Bertolino

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President Bertolino holds his first presidential dialogue

Melanie Espinal – General Assignments Reporter President Joe Bertolino opened his first presidential dialogue on campus by asking everyone to sit in the front row. “I hope that this is an opportunity,” Bertolino said, “for us to exchange ideas and provide information in an open forum.” Before allowing questions on what is wrong at Southern, Bertolino took the moment to establish

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$91.5 million later, the Buley Library project reaches completion

Anisa Jibrell – Special to the Southern News After a nearly 11-year-long stretch peppered with delays and litigation, Hilton C. Buley library’s renovations have finally reached completion. The total funding for renovations to the old library plus the new addition amounted to $91.5 million, according to an email message from Robert Sheeley, Southern’s associate vice president of capital budgeting and

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