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Job fair presents employment opportunities on campus

Jack Abbot- General Reporter

Several offices and organizations on campus came together to host a Student Leadership Expo and Job Fair to help students find employment on campus.  

The event took place on the third floor of the Adanti Student Center and was hosted by several organizations, including the Office of Student Involvement, Office of Residence Life and Multicultural Center.  

“The Leadership Expo really just encompasses all of the jobs that are offered to our student community,” Director of Schwartz and Brownell Hall Britany Marie Barber said.  

Barber attended the event to represent Residence Life. She discussed the importance of community that comes from their work. 

During this event, each of these organizations represented themselves with a presentation displaying the leadership and employment opportunities they offered to interested students.   

“We have a lot of not just academic opportunities, but we also have Summer opportunities that some residents and students don’t know about,” Barber said.   

Several presentations were hosted from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., where each organization was given the chance to explain their importance on campus and the resources they provided to students.   

“Today I was kind of looking to get that excitement to be an OA,” collaborative education major Michaela Schweikert, a freshman, said. “I would be really excited to help freshmen like myself who has a really hard time adjusting.”  

Traditionally, these organizations represent themselves in club fairs or other events. This is the first year that they have run their own fair in a style that allows each organization to provide presentations. This new style helps to provide more information about employment opportunities and foster better discussion.  

“We really want to raise awareness for the different job opportunities and leadership opportunities that all of these offices have so that we can get more students involved on campus,” Orientation Coordinator and communication major Rhian Alsgaard, a junior, said.  

Alsgaard is representing the Office of Orientation, Transition, and Family Engagement.  

“Our purpose is to orient students at Southern and make them feel welcome during our two-day orientation sessions during June, but carry along that transition into their first year of college by supporting them as much as we can in their first semester along with their families and transfer students,” Alsgaard said.  

There are also several other resources on campus for students who are looking for employment.  

“I know that we have the JOBSs Portal, which is run through Career and Professional  

Development,” Alsgaard said. “I know that talking to organizations/offices is a great way to get involved on campus, get to meet new people, make connections and find success.”  

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