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Students express opinions on artificial intelligence

Jay’Mi Vazquez – News Editor

With the rise of artificial intelligence in society, students expressed their opinions on the potential risks artificial intelligence can have on careers.  

English and interdisciplinary studies major Peter Borzillo, junior, said that artificial intelligence is absolutely going to minimize creative careers.  

“I am against AI; I don’t think it’s the right thing to use in society. So, I think if we rely on AI to do creative things, we’re going to lose the creative spirit. But if AI ever fails, we’re going to be in a difficult situation because we won’t be trained to be creative,” Borzillo said.  

Borzillo said that being an English major, his career will be impacted heavily. The use of software like ChatGPT has been used to write anything essentially and if it continues to advance, writing jobs will be eliminated.  

Education major Erieanna Pappano, a junior, said artificial intelligence will create opportunities for general pulling of ideas, but it will take a lot of creativity and originality of human-to-human work.   

Pappano said she is worried about it impacting her future career of teaching.  

“I think that it’s going to eventually impact a classroom setting. Especially once I’m teaching and my students have access to it, I’ll have to rewire the way I grade papers and weigh it into the curriculum,” Pappano said.   

Communications and film media production major Kobe Carolina, a senior, said that artificial intelligence has made him feel man-made jobs are going extinct.  

“We have AI. That just eliminates human skills like typing and just knowing stuff, we wouldn’t have to know anything anymore,” Carolina said. “That is like diminishing all the qualifications people would need for a job.” 

Carolina said he is not scared of artificial intelligence impacting his career field because it offers a wide variety of options. However, if he were to pursue being a screenwriter, he said he will be impacted. 

Communications major Woodmiya Mettelus, a sophomore, said that artificial intelligence has already started to impact jobs.  

“There is already AI that writes essays, articles, writes lyrics and sings songs. So, I think it’s already impacting that atmosphere,” Mettelus said.  

Mettelus said she wants to go into medicine, so she is not worried about it impacting her career yet, but she said she is sure that it will happen eventually.  

Psychology major Trevanna Kandrach, a junior, said that AI most likely will not impact her career field, but she worries for other careers. 

“I think that I’s going to strip people of their jobs. People won’t be able to get paid to do the things they studied in college or mastered over time because a robot could replicate those same abilities if technology continues to advance,” Kandrach said.  

“As far as psychology goes, I’m not necessarily worried about AI impacting it much. I don’t think it has developed the capability to spare emotions yet, so that human-to-human experience would still be a thing in society,” Kandrach said. 

Philosophy major Ryan Donovan, a freshman, said people are overly scared of AI taking jobs.  

“I don’t think AI can take our jobs with our current economic mode of production,” Donovan said. “For example, factories would need workers to pay to buy back the products they create. And if you just have robots, nobody’s going to buy your products because no one is going to have money.” 

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