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New Math 100p pilot program launches

Brandon Cortés – Contributor

A new Math100p pilot program aims to enhance the original Math100p course in order to benefit students in their academic performance thus giving them more time to complete their assignments and exams. 

            The decision to implement this program was made by the Mathematics Department shortly after an incredible drop in academic performance and  an increase in mental health issues among college students during the COVID-19 and after the pandemic. 

           “The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact in our lives, including the educational sector; not only mathematics was affected, but many other fields as well, such as reading, language, among others,” said Aaron Clark, chairperson of the Mathematics Department.  

However, there is another reason behind the implementation of this pilot program, and it is because it has been observed by the Mathematics Department that the performance of some students has decreased due to the limited time they had to complete their assignments.  

           “The pilot program, –unlike Math100p–, aims to provide more time and assistance to students who require it in order to complete their assignments, and give their best in the course,” he said.  

           While the current Math100p course allows students to spend 2 hours per week in the Math Emporium, Clark says that the new pilot program extends these 2 hours for a maximum of 4 per week, thus giving students more time to complete their assignments and exams. 

           “Not only does the pilot have a time extension but also has a little change in its learning modality meaning that while the Math100p original course had an active learning method, the pilot program now offers the implementation of a hybrid between both passive and active learning methods for those who want a more small lecture-like class or a more independent class,” Clark says.. 

            Despite Math100p being an independent course and the pilot program being considered a“hybrid”, some instructors and assistants are available in The Math Emporium in room 007 at the Buley Library to see which students need help or guidance on different topics.  

           “Even though half of the pilot program is still an active learning course, students can still seek help from assistants or teachers for their assignments or ask questions about the topic they are studying,” said Elizabeth Hart, Math professor, and head of The Math Emporium. “Students are doing very well, and their performance is excellent; they keep coming and coming.” 

          “It’s too easy,” said Hamza Bhutta, 19, a freshman majoring in STEM Health. “You can go at your own pace on assignments, and professors roam the room, they help you out, and don’t leave until they are sure you understand the material. The only thing I can complain about is that I wish I could use my headphones while doing my assignments; it’s dead quiet there.” 

          The pilot program is still in its early stages, but Clark does not rule out the possibility of expanding the program in the future. 

         “Before we plan to expand the program and make some changes, we still need to wait how the fall term goes. We are still collecting data on student performance and progress and how the pilot program is going.” he said.  

         According to Elizabeth Hart, head of the Math Emporium, around 473 students have enrolled in Math100p in the first week of September, and 209 switched to the pilot program on Thursday, Sept. 7, with the latter number expecting to increase.  

        “I am very excited about this program, and we will give our best,” said Hart.  

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