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Students residents express opinion on dorm hall living conditions, Wifi issues

Jay’Mi Vazquez – News Editor

Students living in the university’s dorm halls expressed their opinions on the living conditions so far in the Fall 2023 semester. 

Residents of Brownell Hall have been experiencing Wi-Fi connectivity, water pressure and air conditioning issues since the semester began. 

Anthony Forbes, a sophomore theatre major, said there are a few things that could be better. 

“The Wi-Fi and the air conditioning are the main issues,” Forbes said. “But I feel like for what I pay, it’s acceptable.” 

“The internet is constantly screwing itself up, which is annoying,” sophomore art major Zachary Gower said. 

Brady Pearson, a sophomore history major, said that Brownell has its advantages and disadvantages. 

“The overall living space is great, but the Wi-Fi sucks, and water pressure sucks because the water is mostly cold,” Pearson said. 

Brownell is the cheapest dormitory on campus, but Pearson said that it is not worth the amount he pays to stay on campus. 

“Overall, it’s not bad living here, but it’s just not worth it staying on campus and experiencing issues that should be resolved that currently aren’t. I would not mind paying so much if simple things like Wi-Fi and water pressure were consistently working,” Pearson said. 

Wilkinson Hall resident, Abigail Hibert, a freshman math major, expressed her thoughts on her first semester living on campus. 

“It’s not the worst, but the fact that there is no air conditioning in the freshman buildings is not great,” Hilbert said. 

Hilbert said she nearly passed out one time from how hot the dorm hall had been. Residing on the sixth floor is not the most comfortable when there is no air conditioning on a floor to which the heat rises. 

Ian Mester, sophomore psychology major, said the dorm halls are not terrible, but there are a few things that he wishes were improved upon. Mester is a resident of Neff Hall. 

“It’s not bad. Honestly, it could be a lot worse. There are a few things that could change that would benefit the residents,” Mester said. 

Air conditioning is not prevalent in Neff Hall unless you go out and purchase a big fan and put it directly on you, Mester said. 

“There is not even a lot of space to really make food, either. It’s not really cheap to live here, so it would be nice if the space was accommodating for other things besides sleeping and having a place to relax,” Mester said. 

Maggie Blanchard, a freshman physics and math major residing in Farnham Hall, said she does not consider her dorm a comfortable space. 

“I just don’t spend a lot of time there personally,” Blanchard said. 

Buley Library and a few other buildings on campus allow for more space for work to be completed and provide better Wi-Fi than in Farnham Hall, Blanchard said. 

“With the reoccurring Wi-Fi issues all last week and previously in the beginning of the semester, it is frustrating,” Blanchard said.  

Blanchard said she also experienced issues with the water during the first few weeks of her college dorming experience.  

“I think it’s so expensive for the dorms not being that great,” Blanchard said.  

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