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Spike Lee is coming to SCSU

Destene SavariauNews Writer

As part of the Mary and Louis Fusco Distinguished Lecture, Academy Award-winning film director, producer, writer, and actor Spike Lee is coming to the university to speak about his new book “That’s My Story & I’m Sticking to It: An Evening with Spike Lee.” 

Since 1999, the Mary and Louis Fusco Distinguished Lectures have been a significant campus lecture held yearly. The university invites a political, social, or creative leader to campus to allow students to hear various perspectives on topics that could influence their futures.  

“It’s meant to bring the community together around an event that is thought-provoking and generates discussion and just kind of a community building event,” said Assistant Director of Integrated Communications Betsy Beacom.  

Director of Integrated Communications and Marketing Patrick Dilger speaks on how vital Spike Lee’s presence is to the university and how it ties into the goal of the lectures. 

“The purpose of the lectures is that it’s a famous person coming, but their message will resonate with us, whether it’s a message about leadership or anything else. Spike Lee has been a trendsetter in the film industry, particularly a great role model for other young black producers,” said Dilger. 

Dilger explained how Lee’s appeal was based on his messaging throughout his career. 

“We were particularly interested in having a person of color because we want diversity, and his empowering messages have a lot of social justice elements to it. Which ties into what we’re trying to do here at the university,” said Dilger. 

In preparation for Lee’s arrival and honor of black history month, the Integrated Communications and Marketing department and the Greater New Haven African American Historical Society are hosting a film series of Lee’s work.  

“We thought it would be fun to have a film series on campus. We figured if people could watch the movies and start talking about his work and have a little more familiarity with this work before he comes,” said Beacom. 

The film series consists of three movies by Lee; School Daze, Do the Right Thing, BlackkKlansman.  

President of the Brotherhood for Scholarship and Excellence, Coby Hawkins, commented on how he felt having someone as empowering as Lee coming to campus. 

“I think it’s a good opportunity for the students on this campus, especially the students of color to see such a talented and gifted person. Rather than watching his work or seeing him in interviews, you can ask him the questions that you’ve been dying to ask him,” said Hawkins. 

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