Social media and news

Sitting in a quiet conference room at the Michael J. Adanti Student Center, Fihayya Plair a graduate student scrolls through YouTube to get her news intake for the day.  

“There is so much up there,” said Plair. “It gives me some international stuff too, and I just pick whatever I want to hear or listen to.” 

Plair is among a younger generation that gets news from non-traditional sources.  TikTok, in particular, is rising in popularity among 18- to 29-year-olds. 

According to a Oct. 21, 2022, study conducted by Pew Research Center, “About a quarter of U.S. adults under 30 now regularly get news on TikTok.” The percentage of 18- to 29-year- olds that use TikTok to get news have more than doubled since 2020. In 2022, the percentage of 18- to 29-year-olds that use TikTok is at 26%,” according to an Oct. 21, 2022, study conducted by Pew Research Center. 

“I definitely think whatever the way they get their news, they should stay to up to date with the news. Unless it’s a bombardment or swayed one way or the other,” Plair said. 

Accounting major Peter Cappetta, a senior, said even though he is on social media, he tries to stick to using local news outlets such as News Channel 8 WTNH to get his news.  

“I don’t rely on it, but I do see it on social media,” said Cappetta.  

Cappetta said it is important for his generation to stay connected to the news because it is vital to know what is happening. 

“You don’t want to be oblivious to everything,” said Cappetta. “You want to be in tuned to what is going on.” 

Psychology Major Karlos Mate, a senior, said he gets news from hearsay and does not rely on any social media platforms. Mate added that he seeks two sources to stay informed. He listens to those around him and his mom to get his news.  

Mate said he does not like to use social media to get his news because it can be a distraction and not always reliable.  

“Being informed is important,” said Mate, “but I feel like there are negative effects.” 

Studio Art Major Cydney Ford, a sophomore, said she uses social media, –specifically Twitter, to get the news. Ford explained she also uses an app that provides detailed information about what is currently happening around her.  

“Honestly, I get my news from Twitter. I have a news app called Newsbreak,” Ford said. 

The “Newsbreak” app provides local news and news from other cities and countries according to the Newsbreak webpage.  

Nursing Major Taylor Bowie, a junior, said that she uses her email to get the news but due to her busy schedule she does not have time to always look at it. She also uses Instagram stories to get any world news. 

“I probably use Instagram or daily mail on Snapchat,” said Bowie.  

Music Major Luisianna Parra, a sophomore, said she uses Twitter and Instagram mostly. But Parra added that she relies on her father to provide local and world news.  

“I get it from dad as well and he just tells me things. He is a good news person; he always reads the newspaper,” Parra said. 

Social media can provide information and the younger generation should stay tuned to what is going through social media platforms but have to be careful, said Parra. 

“You have to be aware that there’s going to be fake news and know how to manage that,” said Parra. “Fact check sources.” 

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