What were students up to during spring break

Roma Rositani Photo Editor

Wula ChamCopy Editor

As fast as students were packing to go away for spring break, they were just as quickly packing up their bags to come back to campus.  

“I went to a concert, I worked, and I went to New York City,” interdisciplinary studies major Mishel Noboa, a junior, said.  

Many students wished the break were longer due to the abundance of work that was thrown towards them this spring semester, and others said it was long enough and they just wanted to start it up so the semester could be over.  

As some students stayed in Connecticut a good deal, many went over state lines to celebrate their break. There were students flocking to states with lots and lots of sunshine like Miami and the Bahamas to runway from the cold and snow that comes with living in Connecticut to bask in the glorious sun. 

“I went to West Virginia to visit my mom’s family, I was there actually for the Greta Van Fleet Concert, but unfortunately it got canceled because the members of the band got sick, they were in the hospital with pneumonia, so it was a pretty sad interesting week,” marketing major Marissa Russo, a sophomore, said. 

Biology major Julia Mansfield, a junior, did not receive a spring break due to being on the Track and field Team. Student-athletes stayed back in order to work on their sport. 

Before break began students were engulfed in midterms, many struggled to complete them while some said they were easy but took a lot of time. Because spring break comes after midterm, many students were mentally already in spring break during midterm week. This makes studying even more difficult as students have to build up the motivation and determination to put in the work so they can pass their exams without any regrets.  

Unfortunately, many students cannot control themselves of the excitement of finally going on break and prioritized midterms. This in turn leads to bad midterm exam results and demotivational students all over campus. However, there are always a few who exceed expectations and are able to time management themselves very well.  

“They weren’t hard, but just time consuming,” interdisciplinary studies major Mishel Noboa, a junior, said. 

Although many students ran away from Connecticut towards the sun, the students who stayed in the state were blessed with beautiful sunny weather luckily. The course of spring break had a few rainy days, but it is new England. The weather is constantly changing; one day it is snowing, another is rainy and then another is boiling hot. One does not know whether to wear a coat, grab an umbrella or stay in shorts. In cases like this, it is best to always be prepared for all three. 

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