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New crosswalk signals placed

Sofia Rositani – Editor-in-Chief 

Sarah SheltonFeatures Editor 

The university has implemented crosswalk lights on Farnham Avenue for students to use while they cross the street. These signals are located by the crosswalk, in-between the construction site and Farnham Hall leading to the area where Connecticut Hall is.  

“In an effort to ensure the safety of pedestrians utilizing Farnham Ave, flashing crosswalk signs have been installed on both sides of the roadway at the new Crosswalk near the construction site for the new School of Business building,” Patrick Dilger sent in an email. “These signs allow for pedestrians to push a button to activate the warning lights alerting motorists that they are crossing the roadway. If you or someone you know uses this crosswalk, please be aware that the signals are in place and can be utilized anytime someone is crossing the street. Please check both ways before stepping out.” 

Chief Joseph Dooley said the city of New Haven determines where the crosswalks are put and due to the future school of business being under construction and eventually built there, it made sense for the crosswalk to be placed on that part of the road.  

“One of the biggest concerns we have right now is that there was someone there to cross people. There was signage, and there was a crosser, but now there is an electronic sign there. But a lot [of students] are just stepping onto the street and there’s buttons on either side; they weren’t hitting the button, so we added signs,” Dooley said.  

Many students are seen not even using the crosswalk, never mind the new signals. 

 “Just walk the crosswalk,” Biology major Angel Delgado, a junior, said. 

Back during Delgado’s freshman year, he said he would not think the signals would be necessary, but now it is a different story. 

“I guess if there are [drivers not seeing students] it would probably be because of the construction,” Delgado said. 

Due to distracted driving, the new lights will help people notice someone using the crosswalk, especially at night. The flashing lights can help them see that a student is about to cross in front of them. 

“Hit the button, and that way those signal lights will go off. If you don’t hit those buttons, the lights won’t go off. Attracting the attention of the driver,” Dooley said.  

The crosswalk lights are a permanent fixture at the crosswalk, between Farnham Hall and Conn. Hall.  

“It’s good,” communications major Valerie Neyra, a senior, said. “It makes sure people are passing the road safely, because previously it was harder to cross the street at night.” 

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