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One day: multiple events on campus

Tyler Fisher Contributor

Ethan Deer got his haircut in front of the Buley Library. 

The money he spent on the haircut went to Camp Rising Sun, a camp in Branford, CT, where children between the ages of 5-17 who have been diagnosed with cancer can go and have fun.  

Mathematics major, Deer, a junior, was eager to support Camp Rising Sun.  

“I knew a couple people from the sorority,” said Deer. “My freshman year, I got a haircut and won the raffle. It’s a great fundraiser and a good haircut.”   

Several events took place on Wednesday; The “Buzzathon” hosted by the Theta Sigma chapter of the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority was one of these events.  

“We’re trying to raise money for Camp Rising Sun,” said Mckenzie McDermott, a junior.  

McDermott, one of the student organizers of the Buzzathon and a member of Theta Sigma, said, “It’s a local organization that raises money for kids in remission or kids with cancer. It’s $15,000 a week for them to attend. We’re trying to send as many kids as we can for free.”  

Haircuts were $10 each. Halfway through the event, McDermott said they had raised at least $900 for the organization. 

Nursing major and sorority member Kayla Bonaldo, a junior, helped run the raffle for the event and said one student donated $105 to the charity in exchange for 52 raffle tickets.  

Leah Karaban, member of Alpha Sigma Alpha and a senior said, “We’ve been booked full. Now we have a waitlist.”  

The hairstylists, Laura David, and Gina Thomas, had their hands full – of hair.  

David, the mother of an Alpha Sigma Alpha member and a hairstylist with over 30 years of experience, volunteered her time to help the organization.  

David said, “It’s been so much fun. I love it. We’ve been really busy.”  

Just a few feet away, Students lined up to ride the “party bike” with President Joe and other faculty members.  

President Joe said, “I have to give credit to student involvement. It was their idea to get folks involved, so they invited the party bike.” 

He continued, “They are giving out donuts from donut crazy, so you eat a donut, and you can exercise at the same time. It’s just an opportunity to get to know people. It’s a short ride, a little fun on a beautiful day. It is an opportunity to sit with students and not be in a traditional meeting.” 

Childhood education major Francesca Lupo, a senior, spent some time on the party bike before class.  

“I don’t have class until three, so I might as well kill some time,” said Lupo. “The atmosphere is very cool and very interactive. I think it’s great, and I think they should do it more often.” 

The SAGE Center and Office of Career and Professional Development hosted their dress for success program next to the party bike and gave away professional attire.  

“We’re working here to spread information about how to dress professionally; what that can look like for different folks – how to be able to express yourself while also maintaining professionalism,” said Aaron Morabito, a graduate student from Central’s counselor education program, and an employee of the SAGE Center.  

In addition to free clothes, the Office of Career and Professional Development also offers students a host of free services.  

One of their employees, Giana Pedevillano, a graduate student in the university’s public health program, spoke about their services.  

“We always have an opportunity for people to come in if they have questions or set up career coaching appointments, so like maybe a mock interview or any advice in that realm,” said Pedevillano.  

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