Hurricane Ida sweeps across campus

Sofia RositaniEditor-In-Chief

The fall semester has started with inclement weather. A delay with move-in day, moving New Owl Weekend to one day due to hurricane Henri, a heat wave, and hurricane Ida. This last storm hit harder than Henri, causing flooding, trees falling, and even the death of a Connecticut State Trooper.  

 Interdisciplinary studies major Mishel Noboa, a junior, is a commuter who witnessed the storm from home.  

“I was actually home but I saw people walking in the storm getting soaked,” Noboa said.  

Even though Noboa was home during the storm, her road did get flooded which caused multiple issues for her and other residents.  

“The worst part was my street getting flooded and some cars breaking down because they couldn’t pass through all the way,” Noboa said.  

The water reached Noboa’s knees making it hard for her to leave her house.  

There was little to no flooding on campus but the drain at parking lot 10 was filled to the top with streaming water. While there was a sign at the parking lot saying it may flood, by the next day, the lot was dry. 

“It was scary. I got outside and the rain was down pouring. The campus had big puddles that I had to work through. There were also lightning and high winds,” Psychology major Alexandria DePaul, a junior, said.  

DePaul said that the scariest part was walking through the lightning, but because she was with her friends, she felt a little safer as they were all “terrified.” While on her walk, she did notice flooding in the walkway of Farnham and the construction beside it. 

“The death toll from Ida in the northeast has risen to 46 people killed across five states, the Associated Press reported,” according to the CT Post.  

One of those killed was a CT State Trooper who died because his car was swept away by a river in Woodbury. Trains were shut down in New Haven’s station, a historic moment. Other areas of Connecticut also had major flooding and damage to homes. Governor Ned Lamont had to issue a state of emergency after Hurricane Ida swept through Connecticut.  

“Walking in it was scary but once I got back to my dorm, I felt safe. I had no leaks or electrical problems in my room which was good,” DePaul said.  

Elementary education major, Dave Lee, a senior, said that when he walked through the storm it was scary but also funny. Like DePaul, he also saw the flooding in front of Farnham.  

“Honestly, the worst part of it was just getting my socks wet,” Lee said.  

He did say that he started to feel nervous once he saw the lightning flash.  

“I was afraid that lightning would strike directly on the umbrella and incinerate my entire body because there’s always that slim chance that it would,” Lee said.  

 Elementary Education major Isaiah Walker, a junior, and a first year commuter said that the aftermath of the flooding caused his father’s basement to be submerged in water causing most of their possessions to get ruined.  

Walker said, “We felt safe knowing God has our backs and my father was fortunate enough to have somewhere to stay for the time being.” 

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