SGA inducts new members

Caitlin O’HalloranReporter

The Student Government Association (SGA) held their weekly Friday meeting April 30. 

SGA president Sarah Gossman, called all group members to an executive meeting.  

The meeting then moved into the elections with the Chair of SGA, Madison Miceli, inducting the new members and listing their positions with SGA. 

“Congratulations to everyone who won in this year’s election for both class government positions and SGA representatives,” said Miceli.  

Miceli inducted the members by having members from classes of 2022, 2023 and 2024 introduce themselves and the position that they will be holding, including those year’s vice presidents, secretaries, treasurers, and other positions on SGA. 

Each of the members were then led by Miceli to be sworn into their positions. 

“Now that we have everyone inducted for reps at large, we are now going to go into nominations for president of Student Government,” said Miceli before opening the floor to the members to vote for the president. 

Vice President of the Board of Student Experience Brandon Lovene voted Sarah Gossman as the nomination for president, followed by most members. 

“I know we do have a lot of new faces and for those of you that don’t know me, I was the president last year and I am very excited to be serving as the president this year,” said Gossman. “I think that we are in the home stretch of COVID so that’s really exciting. I’m really happy to have an on-ground presence next year, I really want to hit the ground running with SGA and have that on-ground presence that we’ve all been really missing.” 

This weekly SGA meeting was the second to last that the group will be having before the end of the spring semester. 

“One of the things that I’ve really wanted to make a priority in the spring semester is really getting to know reps more than just their rep responsibilities, but knowing people on a personal level,” said Gossman. 

Students were able to cast their votes for the 2021 spring elections on OwlConnect and had a total of 173 votes for the members. 

“For SGA, we only elect the president and then from there the president will appoint the other positions, executive vice president, vice president for board of outreach and communication, vice president for board of student experience, vice president for academic experience, the treasurer and the secretary, so those are positions she chooses and will appoint them next Friday,” said Assistant Director of Clubs and Organizations, Daphney Alston.  

The main topic of this weekly meeting was to introduce and to welcome the new members and their new positions on SGA.  

Following the introductions and members being sworn in, Gossman and Miceli met with the new reps to explain general information of SGA and the final part of the meeting was closed off to the public. 

“I understand that this pandemic has brought on so many stressors of life, mental stressors, emotional stressors,” said Gossman, “I know it’s been really hard, but I want myself to be your go-to person, I want the future E-board to be your go-to person, I want you to feel comfortable coming to me with anything that you need, any concern that you have, any idea that you have., I want this organization to feel like a place where you belong  and to make it feel like you’re not just a rep and you’re not just mandatory coming on a 1-3 on a Friday, I want it to feel like you’re enjoying yourself on a 1-3 on a Friday,” said Gossman.  

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