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SGA hosts weekly meeting

Caitlin O’Halloran Reporter

The Student Government Association (SGA) held their weekly Friday meeting on April 16.

President of SGA, Sarah Gossman gave the President’s report where she informed the board of the Undergraduate Curriculum Forum approved of the Racial and Intersectional Justice Studies minor.

“It provides students the opportunity to develop an intellectual foundation necessary to recognize both the roots of systemic oppression and injustices in contemporary society and integral role of resistance, social movements and social policy to engage to enact social change,” said Gossman.

Vice President of the Board of Student Experience Brandon Iovene re-discussed a topic the board brought up last week. Ragarding the concerns about security and transportation to vaccine sites. The issue is the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was the one going to be distributed to college campuses and now there is a recall on it in Connecticut for a investigation of blood clotting.

“We thought that providing just ride service gift cards, we considered Uber to probably be the best one as they have more accessible ADA vehicles that are wheelchair accessible and accessible for students with disabilities,” said Iovene.

The way things will work is there will be five $25 gift cards purchased for students that need those services and if they run out, five more will be purchased and the gift cards will cap out at $500. If all of the $500 is used, SGA will bring this motion back and approve another $500 of funds for the gift cards.

The meeting was then brought to Madison Miceli, the Vice President, to give the Vice President’s report, where she went over the elections that will begin Monday, April 19, end on Friday, April 23 and results will be released Wednesday, April 28.

Secretary of SGA Sam Widomski then gave the Secretary’s report about an event SGA will be holding to make blessing bags on April 21.

“The audience for this particular scholarship, it’s going to go to two incoming students and two pre-existing students who are aspiring leaders, so it’s geared towards people who are on a leadership journey and looking for more motivation to keep going and build themselves up as a leader,” said SGA’s Treasurer Paige Tetro, while presenting the Treasurer’s report.

Then, Iovene discussed the board reports, including how he and Gossman will be in touch with Erin Duff, the COVID-19 Coordinator, about the T-shirts that will be distributed to students discussed at their last meeting about the final quote and the requirements that are needed for the purchase order.

During announcements and concerns, Representative at Large, Andreina Barajas, mentioned an issue that the campus police would be beginning to use Clearview AI, an American facial recognition company, but was told the information was false and would not be happening by Student Conduct and Civic Responsibility director Christopher Piscitelli.

“I’m hardly in the library this semester, but the few times that I am, included this past Wednesday, I’ve noticed that masks are not that enforced in the library,” said Vice President of the Board of Academic Experience, Lupita Barajas. “Where I was sitting, I could clearly see across, I think it one of those public study rooms you can go into, like the silent one, these two girls, these two students did not have their masks on at all.”

The board began discussing how they would reach out to different people working at Buley Library and the Library Committee to ensure that those who enter the library to be wearing masks.

“Everyone has to access their level of comfort and address it if they can, and if not find someone who works here and have them address it,” said Piscitelli.

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