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More single occupant rooms coming in Fall

Donovan Wilson Reporter

After a long history of students demanding more single occupant housing, the university will finally be offering more single rooms next semester.

Currently, only a few single rooms are offered. They are usually picked first rooms because of the high demand for a private space. Typically there are two-person underclassmen dorms and four-person upperclassmen suites or townhouses.

The only way to obtain a single room is disability priority or on a first-come, first-serve basis. Director of Residence Life Robert DeMezzo made it very clear that this is something wanted by both students and staff.

“COVID-19 has created an environment where more people than ever want a single room so we decided it was the right time to start offering those options,” said DeMezzo.

It has been a very long time since North Campus offered single rooms. There has been a demand for quite some time to bring that back. DeMezzo and the rest of residence life have decided that now is the time. However, this time, the option will not only be limited to north campus. The plan is to offer single student dorm options to every student, from underclassmen to upperclassmen.

A major change will be the conversion of Neff Hall to entirely single student room dormitory. The rooms will be the same structurally, but will be reworked to only function as a singular space. Similarly, North’s single student rooms will end up essentially resembling the same model except it will be two residents in the previous four-person suite.

“There is limited availability currently. We are doing tabling in Connecticut Hall for Housing Deposits where you could win first pick of your room before general room selection where everyone chooses,” said Nora Anderson, residence life coordinator and hall director of the North Campus Midrise.

Nothing will change in the North rooms in terms of amenities that are offered to the residents. It will still be the same room offering of a living room, full kitchen, extra storage space and personal bathrooms. Similarly, Neff rooms will remain the same, structurally, just re-worked to accommodate only one person.

The only major drawback to the single student North rooms is that they are in high demand but have limited supply availability. The best way to secure one of these rooms is to go to on of the tabling that residence life will host inside of Connecticut hall. These tabling’s allow students to get a shot at getting a room, and is the easiest and most secure way to get one of the rooms.

“If COVID-19 still gets bad at least that one kid has a less chance of him getting COVID-19 but you know, you still want to be able to make friends,” said computer science major Kristofer Dushi, a sophomore.

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