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SGA dedicates time to leadership and connection

Desteny MaraghReporter

SGA President and history major Sarah Gossman, a junior, announced that the organization is teaming up with the Office of Student Conduct to host an event for Election Day.

Gossman said “they will be giving out shirts during the event.”

Students have a chance to come with their “I Voted” sticker and have an advantage to receive a shirt while supplies last.

Everyone attending the meeting had a chance to vote on shirt designs that would be used for the event.

The Director of Student Involvement and Leadership Development, Daphne Alston, created a poll for deciding between shirt colors.

The three shirt design options were a black shirt with white lettings, a blue shirt with white lettering, and a white shirt with blue lettering.

The votes were cast, and the winner was the white shirt with blue lettering. Gossman said “only 50 shirts will be ordered.”

After the shirt selection, Gossman transitioned to speaking about building a stronger organizational bond between the members.

Gossman said “I am realizing that student government work is different for everyone and everyone is in different places, whether that may be remote or living on campus.”

She said she wants to begin dedicating more time to leadership and team development. activities that may help strengthen the bond and connection between members of the organization, which COVID-19 has hindered.

When recalling how student government used to operate before the pandemic, Gossman said “everyone used to be able to have to that in-person experience of leadership boosting.”

Prior to COVID-19, all the organization meetings were held in-person and all the members had on-site classes, so meeting and building as a team was an easier task compared to doing it all virtually.

Gossman acknowledged that it is something the organization needs to work on and embraced the potential of online building.

Her solution to this problem is to simply add more fun.

Gossman said Student Government should “do something fun after the weekly body meeting, so on days when there is time that can be allotted to leave about a half hour to just have fun.”

She suggested the organization can either do theme days or other kinds of activities to relax.

Gossman said it’s “hard to have that on campus connection when things are taking place online.”

Overall, this new allotted time is to de-stress and engage in fun team building activities.

Gossman said she wants the organization to “connect as a whole.”

As the meeting progressed, SGA representative Brandon Iovene, went over what he has been working on at the university.

Iovene said he is working to fix the problems in North townhouses with concerned “animal droppings.”

Iovene said he has been able to make progress with the “animal droppings” situation and has hopes that the problem will likely be eliminated.

He put an emphasis on how important it is for the university to take extra practice with cleanliness during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Iovene spoke on how the townhouses require major updating, especially when it comes to the front door and controlling air pressure.

This problem has risen, according to Iovene, in the colder months. The door does not do a great job of keeping out the cold, especially as the winter months are approaching.

Aside from housing problems, Iovene said he has also been looking into fair dietary needs for all students.

Iovene said he has been researching dietary restrictions and is inquiring if there should be more food options provided by the university.

The last thing Iovene mentioned in his weekly report briefing is the breakdown of move-out day for residential students where the policy for residents has recently changed.

Iovene said there are “no set times for thanksgiving move-out, but the residential halls will be closing at eight instead of five.”

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