Spring Break Canceled

Jessica GuerrucciEditor-in-Chief

Donovan Wilson Reporter

On Sept. 20, an email was sent out to students and staff that spring break would be cancelled to limit student travel and prevent further COVID-19 outbreaks.

President Joe Bertolino said in the email that the university had received notification from CSCU President Mark Ojakian regarding the status of the spring semester for the four Connecticut State Universities.

“In the interests of maintaining the continued health and safety of students, faculty and staff, the decision has been made to begin the semester on January 26, 2021 – a week later than previously scheduled – and conclude on May 31, as per the current academic calendar,” the email said. “This will mean that winter break is extended by one week and spring break (March 15-21) will be eliminated.”

The change came as the university had to balance the guidelines given by the Department of Public Health, while still maintaining the necessary amount of instructional days for the semester.

When the university shut down in March, it closed prior to spring break, however, some people still chose to travel. Now, with the cancellation of spring break in 2021, according to the email, it will be a “proactive measure to limit student travel.”

This decision also came after the four CSU’s had also decided to shift online after Thanksgiving and not have students return for the end of the semester.

Psychology major Matthew McLaughlin, a junior, said the additional week added to winter break will have a positive side.

“It’s nice to have an extra week to spend with our families around the holidays,” McLaughlin said.

Business major Julian Ferrante, a sophomore, said the decision to cancel spring break felt extreme.

“It feels like it’s being over-exaggerated,” he said. “Connecticut is one of the best states right now in terms of numbers.”

Communications disorders major Zoe Lenston, a freshman, said she was excited for her first spring break in college, but it will also be nice to have some extra time at home during the winter. However, even though students won’t be traveling in the spring, she said they likely will in the winter.

“They’re keeping us home so some people can travel during January too,” she said.

Health science major, Mary Maroney, a freshman, thinks cancelling spring break was a good call.

“It will limit travel and stuff but at the same time people still travel for winter break, like going to Florida where it is a hot spot,” said Maroney. “So I feel like either way it’s not really going to change much.”

She said not having a break in the middle of the spring semester will also be an adjustment.

“It’ll push people to work harder, but start giving up because they’ll want that break that they don’t get,” she said.

Bertolino thanked students and staff for their commitment to preserving the health and safety on the campus and said the university has a plan in place if a full shift to online learning is necessary.

“As always, we must be prepared to pivot as needed, dependent on the trajectory of the virus and related issues,” Bertolino said in the email, “But for long-term planning purposes, it was important to inform everyone about the status of the semester as soon as possible.”

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