SGA holds virtual meeting

Desteny Maragh Reporter

At a Student Government Association body meeting held on Friday, September 18 at 1p.m. via Webex, SGA Representatives spoke about the upcoming elections and new ways to overall make students on campus feel seen and heard.

The President, Sara Gossman and host of the meeting, began with speaking about representatives required office hours being moved online to a virtual meeting space instead of meeting in room 218 in the Micheal J. Adanti Student Center.

This transition to online came after the new resolution to start limiting the number of students in one place.

One thing that has not changed is the election process for new board members.

The first information session will be held virtualy, on Wednesday, Sept. 23 at 11 a.m.

All attendees can RSVP to reserve a spot on the Student Government’s Owl Connect webpage.

Those in attendance will learn about student government, class government, and the election process.

There is a process each candidate will have to successfully go through to achieve a potential position on the board. The first is to complete the election packet that can be found on OwlConnect.

Sept. 28 the packet is due. And there will be a meeting of the ins and outs of campaigning around campus, both physically and virtually.

There will be no more campaigning after Oct. 9 because the voting process will conclude.

The actual date for students to place in ballots will be Oct. 6 through Oct. 9.

Results of the new Student Government Board will be released on Tuesday, Oct. 13.

“Everyone is welcome,” said Gossman.

Board member Lupita Barajas spoke on her weely work in the “academic experience” sector of SGA.

She said they are working to investigate the pricing of books at Southern compared to other universities in the state to see how they compare.

Barajas is also working to get classes offered on campus for students in the spring such as more science and language courses.

While speaking about other classes Gossman said she was trying to get a new language requirement passed.

Gossman is pushing for there to be a two-course requirement instead of a three-course requirement that is already embedded in every student’s graduation demands.

Not only do the students at the meeting agree, but also brought up the fact that in high school, students are encouraged to take three years of a language with the anticipation of not having to take a language course in college at all.

Brandon Iovene, a board member, is also working towards student betterment on campus.

“There is room for improvement in our body when it comes to advocating for people of color and minority voices,” said Iovene.

He said he is also trying to seek information from students on their adaptations to campus during COVID-19 and that he wants to hear students’ problems no matter how small or big.

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