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Freshmen avoid BannerWeb crash during registration

Jessica GuerrucciManaging Editor

BannerWeb “delayed loading” emails came into the email inboxes of both juniors and sophomores registering for their fall classes  but for finance major Noah Falcioni, a freshman, he said the process went smoothly.  

“I didn’t have any problems with getting on the website when I registered for classes,” said Falcioni, “but I know a few people that did have the website crash for them.” 

Underclassmen registration for the fall semester took place on April 13 for juniors, April 15 for sophomores and April 20 for freshmen. Of those groups, the juniors and sophomores both experienced the crashes and were notified by Information Technology through email. 

“Due to higher than normal volume this morning, you may experience delayed loading times while using BannerWeb. If the page does not load as expected,  please close all web browser windows and login again,” the email read.  

IT followed the email up with an update saying that loading times had returned to normal and thanked students for their patience and apologized for the frustration and the delays. 

Computer science major Siddhi Suresh said she had also heard from other people about the delayed loading times, but did not experience them herself. 

Suresh, who is a part of the Student Government Association, said she was not surprised by the quick loading time for the freshmen class since having conversations with IT regarding the registration process. 

“They did mention that usually there’s an overload of people in the beginning and they’ve been trying to troubleshoot it,” said Suresh. “So, usually they get the process pretty smooth by the time it reaches the firstyear students and sophomores.” 

Only having registered once before, both Falcioni and Suresh said registration went smoothly for them in the past as well, with both saying they were able to get all their classes.  

Still, Suresh said the main issue for freshmen is more worrying about getting their classes rather than BannerWeb crashing because many of the classes they want are in high demand.  

Communications disorders major Megan Mercer, a sophomore, said she typically has problems with registration and getting permissions for classes, but this time around she did not run into issues.  

However, being an athlete and a part of the honors college, Mercer avoided the BannerWeb crashes since she got to register at noon on the same day as the senior class.  

Throughout the process, Mercer said online advising through email conversations was helpful in ensuring she got her classes.  

“I think being in contact with my adviser about what classes I wanted to take and what my plans were for the next two years definitely helped,” she said.  

Additionally, the absence of pin numbers when registering, while they encourage students to meet with their adviser, Falcioni said, eased the process because students did not have to worry about losing their number.  

“I was expecting what happened last semester in the fall in the spring,” said Falcioni. “Somehow for seniors, juniors, sophomores they have problems, but for freshme I don’t know, for some reason it seems to work pretty well.” 

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