Naugatuck High School joins early college

Abby EpsteinNews Writer

High school students can experience college life and receive college credit through Southern’s Early College program.

The superintendent for local school districts signed a fee and tuition waiver, which allows all schools in the district to participate in the Early College program.

“We have contracts with 16 school districts for Early College,” said Director of Transfer Students Frank Ladore.

There are two different contracts the school can decide to sign: a Type A or a Type C. Southern has been offering Type A learning since 2015, while Type C has come into play in the last few years. Schools can also sign both contracts. Type A allows the student to either come to Southern’s campus, or a professor from campus to go to the high school. Type C allows the high school teachers to teach college classes at their high school.

Just this year Southern sent out 20 letters offering high schools the chance to join the Early College program. Naugatuck High School received a letter and opted into both Type A and Type C Early College contracts.

Their contracts will not go into effect until next fall.

There are certain criteria that a high school student must meet in order to be a part of the Early College program.

“The students must get approved by their guidance counselor before they can start taking college courses,” said Ladore.

Students must receive a C or better in their first course to continue taking college classes. Early College is only offered to juniors and seniors. Ashley Raymond, a graduate assistant for the Office of Academic Affairs, assists with different initiatives in the Early College program.

“The students are allowed to take up to three courses during their high school career,” said Raymond.

According to the SCSU Early College website, after getting approved to take classes, the students make the decision of either choosing to sign the Type A or Type C waiver depending on the learning environment they prefer.

Most students can enroll in 100-level and 200-level courses unless allowed otherwise.

“Students who are taking above a 100-level or 200-level class are mostly looking to take a business class or an advanced course,” said Ladore.

According to Raymond, the SCSU Early College program. provides students with numerous benefits.

“It provides high school students with a head start on earning college credits,” said Raymond. “Lessens the time students spent to earn college degree, and lowers student’s cost to earn college degree.”

Early College students must find their own transportation to campus. Some schools may not let their students leave during the school day to take courses.

“Many of them,” said Ladore. “Choose to take night classes after their normal school day.”

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