Pending construction calls for renovations

Sofia RositaniReporter

Wilkinson and Chase Hall have implemented tints on their residence hall windows in preparation for the upcoming construction from the second floor and up. The construction is in result to the falling of bricks from numerous residence halls. Numerous months after the workers put tint on the windows in question, work still has not started.

According to Director of Residence Life Robert DeMezzo, construction has not started because it is such a major project. They are, “making sure all the contractors are set and have the materials they need,” said Demezzo.

“It’s just a matter of all the logistics that go into a project of this size.”

DeMezzo said construction should start in “the next week or two.” While construction is going on, the workers are said to be making sure the students who reside in either Wilkinson or Chase do not have their lives interrupted by the process.

According to prenursing major Tamara Miller, a sophomore and resident in Wilkinson Hall, the tints have added a new sense of security to the residence hall.

“I honestly think the tints are the best thing to happen in my two years of living here so far. I feel more private in my room with the tints,” said Miller.

Although the tints grant a sense of security according to Miller there is a downside to the new renovation.

“It doesn’t let the sun in, it darkens the room a lot,” said Miller.

English Major Jonell Bailey, a sophomore, and Wilkinson Hall resident advisor said the tinted windows did not cause any inconvenience to residence as the process was done prior to move in day. “For our students, [there was no problem] because when they moved in, it was done,” said Bailey.

However, being a resident advisor and moving in prior to the completion of the installment, Bailey said it was a bit uncomfortable having workers in her room.

“Because I was living here, it was a problem having the men in our rooms doing the windows,” said Bailey.

She acknowledged that she played a major role as a resident advisor, and playing the role of an escort during the installment process. Resident advisors were responsible for ensuring that construction employees did not break anything and that student rooms were not vandalized.    Although the tints do stop people from seeing in during the daytime, they actually do the complete opposite at night almost becoming transparent.

According to Miller she does not feel comfortable knowing the tints become transparent at night she simply closes the blinds at night for privacy so no one can see in.

During construction there will be tents set up around the buildings. The tents will make sure students do not accidentally walk into construction zones, for safety reasons. Due to safety precautions and state fire codes, the construction workers will not block the fire exits unless absolutely necessary.

The only reason a fire exit would be blocked would be in the case that bricks were to fall in the front of the building.   The renovation process will take place from 9:30 a.m. until sunset. The workers will not be working at night, but late-risers must be cautious of early morning construction.


Photo credit: Sofia Rositani

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