Moped rider struck in a three-vehicle collision

Jacob WaringOnline Editor 
Amanda CavotoArts and Entertainment Editor

A three-vehicle collision occurred at the intersection of Pine Rock Avenue and Fitch Street intersection on the afternoon of Sept. 17 at approximately 5 p.m.

Marketing major, Michael Formica, a junior, was one of the students who witnessed the accident.

“I was walking back from the library, and I saw two cars come right up to each other and slam on their breaks,” said Formica.

Formica said the victim of the accident came up from behind on his moped and hit one of the cars causing the front car to slam on their brakes. The second car behind them then hit their bumper leaving no damage. This resulted in a moped slamming into the back of the second car, he said.

“He seemed alright, little bloody nose but he was able to walk it off,” Formica said. “I’m a lifeguard so I checked to see if he was all right.”

Besides the bloody nose, the unidentified moped victim’s condition remained unknown. The man was attended to by paramedics.

Traffic was backed up due to students leaving the campus as a result of canceled classes caused by a campus-wide power outage. The power outage was not caused by the accident.

Officers were on the scene. Chief Dooley was aware of the accident. Police and paramedics on the scene declined to comment on the situation.

Photo credit: Jacob Waring

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