Office of Admissions appoints new director

J’Mari Hughes — Copy Editor

This semester, Southern welcomed a new faculty member, Alick Letang, who is filling the role of the director for the Office of Admissions.

The newest addition to Southern staff, is working for the public schooling system for the first time. After spending numerous years in both profit and non-profit private schooling, he said experience the publicschool system has always piqued his interest, and when the opportunity came up, it was like a calling to him.

“I’ve loved, for years, the foundation and the stance that Southern takes, not only within the community but basically from the academic preparation that it has for students,” he said.

Working in a different school environment, Letang said gives him a different lens for his learning platform.

Letang said he has been in admissions and higher education for “a little over 23 years”- at schools in Mass., R.I. and Va. He said, despite having majored in business finance as an undergraduate, he was driven to getting involved in student recruitment. From his years of experience, he said, he is motivated for learning and exploring opportunities, as well as being a vehicle of change.

“I think that I can hopefully share some of the things that I’ve learned along the way,” said Letang, “as well as open folks’ eyes in regard to different ways that we can actually obtain our goals.”

As Director of Admissions, Letang’s role is to “help facilitate Southern’s growth by looking at recruitment opportunities, getting back into communities and building relationships from the high school and college platforms.”

He said he knows many of Southern’s students are from Conn., which he loves, but he wants to be sure to draw in students from other states.

Letang said he can go through course selections with students to find something to fit their schedules, something he said he enjoys because he loves working with students. The ability to work one-on-one with students, he said, has allowed him to grow in the field and reminds him why he works in higher education.

“Oftentimes, as you grow in administration, you have to find time to make sure you leave your door open so that students can get to you,” he said. “It’s something I still love doing because, quite frankly, I’ve walked that path and just having a voice that they can walk through – not having to point them to another office, but being able to give them guidelines, for me, that’s where it starts and builds a stronger community.”

Letang said he is very engaged in the community and believes in building relationships not only in professionally, but outside of the office too. He said, hopefully he can learn from the institution and vice vera.

Letang said overall, he is happy to be part of the Southern Owl Nation and community. “At Southern, we’ve got some work to do, but it’s one that I’m excited about,” he said. “We have a great team and I’m looking forward to building on this relationship.”

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