Bernie Sanders’ far-fetched free college proposal

J’Mari HughesReporter

Feel the Bern, a website run by Bernie Sanders supporters, said the politician in question has proposed bills in hopes of making public colleges and universities free. Sanders, according to the site, believes all students deserve the opportunity to receive affordable, quality education.

‘Sen. Sanders’ College for All Act,’ would provide $47 billion a year and eliminate the need for people to pay tuition for school. With the prospective law, the federal government would cover a majority of college expenses, and the rest would rely on the state government.

If something valuable is being presented to a person for no money at all, they will most likely take it. School can cost thousands of dollars, which a person could be paying back for ten to 25 years after graduating, according to One could assume it is smart to side with Sanders in regards to free schooling.

The cost of college tuition has become unaffordable for middle and low-class families. People should not be denied the right to learn just because they do not have enough money to spend on the outrageous price of tuition.

College Data, a self-proclaimed online college advisor, said the average price of college during the 2017-2018 year was $25,290, including the cost of tuition, fees, and plans.

While it is no surprise that students pay for what applies to them, not everyone may take advantage of the college money that goes to. Fees, for example, may go towards events not everyone takes part in. Students could also have to cover the cost of meals which someone such as a commuter might not use.

Not having to pay for college was not something I thought about until looking at Feel the Bern. now that I have heard about it.

College costs thousands of dollars every year. Some view getting a degree as necessary for a living. Some careers need a degree, but if college was more easily accessible, more people would be likely to go. Money is a reason some do not go in the first place.

However, with something as ideal as not having to pay for college, I assumed there would also have to be a downside to it, and there is. Being that the money would have to come from somewhere, citizens would likely have an increase in taxes, among an endless string of other downsides. So, would we really be saving money in the end?

In going to a public university, Southern students would be affected by this law, providing it comes true. Free college could mean an increase in the amount of college students, which could potentially lead to an increase in successful graduates.

So, while the idea of a free college tuition initially seems great, there is no doubt there would be a downside to it. Even so, I think not having to pay the typical college price beats having to do so.

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