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Bernie Sanders’ far-fetched free college proposal

J’Mari Hughes—Reporter Feel the Bern, a website run by Bernie Sanders supporters, said the politician in question has proposed bills in hopes of making public colleges and universities free. Sanders, according to the site, believes all students deserve the opportunity to receive affordable, quality education. ‘Sen. Sanders’ College for All Act,’ would provide $47 billion a year and eliminate the

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Rules for overtime needs to be fixed

Matt Gad—Sports Writer There is too much confusion in collegiate overtime rules- or maybe overtime rules in general. In baseball and softball, there are extra innings so that is pretty natural, because you cannot really modify the game from any other levels except for an inning addition. For basketball, you get the standard five minute periods until the game is

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Trump signs seemingly empty freedom of speech executive order

Jacob Waring—Opinions & Features Editor President Trump signed an executive order on March 21 with the intention of protecting the freedom of speech on college campuses. This sounds fantastic, as most would agree that they want their speech protected. It does not matter where you land on the political spectrum, because we all have the right to speak about our

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