Quilt stitched as support system

August PelliccioPhoto Editor

The SCSU #MeToo quilt is a “healing project” made by students and in part headed by women’s studies faculty and staff. The quilt will make its debut some time in April.

Alex Girard, an assistant professor of graphic design is one of the faculty members spearheading the project. Girard said in addition to students helping to create the quilt, he hopes the quilt will elicit a visceral reaction to some students just as they walk by.

“It’s one of those reactions that can’t be measured,” said Girard, “because someone may be struggling with these things off campus and just be walking to class and see this quilt and just have a moment where they feel that support and to me, that makes the project a success.”

According to the movement’s official website, #MeToo focuses on helping individuals who struggle to find entry points for healing and disrupting those who enable sexual violence.pell_032119_QuiltLayout

Girard said faculty members helping with the project will be constructing quilt tiles of their own after student submissions are complete. Girard said he will be making tiles in colors that were unpopular choices for students, to fill the correct amount of space.

To the right is a diagram of the quilt’s layout as planned. Each will be organized into a gradient, top to bottom.

The collection of photos below highlights some of the colorful and intricate tiles that have been made for the quilt thus far.


Individual tiles already submitted by students to the SCSU Healing Project #MeToo quilt, laid out to demonstrate their positions for final assembly in early April.

Photo Credit: August Pelliccio

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