Blue Crew needed to rally for playoffs

Hunter O. LyleSports Editor

As the winter sports seasons come to a close, there should be an important discussion taking place on what measures could be made to allow our universities athletics the best chance possible to be successful in the postseason.

Of course, proper training, rest, and regiment are of the upmost importance, but those steps are all handed by professional trainers and coaches inside the closed doors of Moore Field House. There is, however, something the everyday student could do to help support the teams looking to fight in the playoffs: show up and cheer them on.

There’s no doubt that playing in front of a packed house, fans screaming and cheering, helps boost not only morale, but the energy and atmosphere inside the arena. Noting that Southern has a large population of commuter students, who likely cherish an opportunity to go home, it seems logical that it would be hard or inconvenient for students to stay for a late game, especially if they have a long commute ahead of them.

With that said, this is what I propose should happen to fill the Field House.

First off, the Southern basketball teams have one game left of their regular season, a home game against Pace University on Feb. 23, and depending on how the rest of the season and teams shake out, they could both be looking at a chance at a NE10 title, even a home game.

To prepare for the potential playoff home stand, and even the Pace game, Southern should have a pep rally, in advance of the game, in order to rally the troops. One big bash from the Blue Crew could be all the team needs to prepare for a showdown.

Secondly, and this could be applied to any sporting event, ‘Let Them Eat Cake.’ What do college kids typically like the best? Free stuff and free food. Countless times throughout my collegiate experience, myself and people I know have shown up at events just for the promise of walking home with a fresh-off-the-line T-shirt or a slice of steaming pizza.

In previous years, Southern has brought out free, and sometimes, limited merch to give to the first students who arrive. Reviving this strategy, and advertising it around campus, would definitely help bring students in the door – as well create an atmosphere in such situations as a ‘white-out.’

Southern could also take advantage of raffles and, or other experiences for the audience such as a half-court shot contest at half-time.

Each team only has one shot at the playoffs, and I believe that it is the student bodies responsibility to help the team in any way possible, and it starts with the assembly of the Blue Crew.

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