Student struck by car on campus

Jacob WaringReporter

Freshman Kylen Kuroski was hit by a tan Hyundai XG350L on Oct. 9 around 10:30 p.m. while crossing the intersection of Wintergreen Avenue to Farnham Avenue.

According to the New Haven police report, Kuroski was crossing the intersection while the light was green but assumed traffic would stop and allow her to cross.

She stepped out onto the street where the front driver-side bumper and hood of the Hyundai struck her. She was then transported to St. Raphael Hospital to be treated for her injuries.

The report also stated Kuroski admitted fault for the incident due to not having the right of way.

The driver who hit her, Roscoe Herring Jr., according to the police report, was traveling west on Wintergreen Avenue when he approached the green light at the intersection. Kuroski stepped out in front and Herring Jr. was unable to stop in time to avoid hitting her.

Herring Jr. said he attempted to stop and sustained minor injuries from the accident.

“Soon as I hit her I stomped on the brakes hard, and I’ve been having a problem with my muscles in the back of my leg and where the seatbelt was,” said Herring Jr.

He said his insurance company paid for the repairs, but Herring Jr. had to pay a $250 deductible. Kuroski sustained a broken leg, and said her break was similar to how wood is split by an ax.

“I looked both ways, it was like, 10 o’clock at night, and usually not that much traffic at that time,” she said.

“The light was green, and I looked both ways, I saw a car coming from the left of me and I stepped back on the sidewalk. I looked both ways again, no one was coming, I started walking and as I [was] almost to the sidewalk on the other side of the street, I looked to my right and saw a car coming.”

She said she looked back at the car as it hit her, and was awake the whole time as she was getting thrown around from the impact of the car.

She said she is exploring legal action, but did not disclose any other details.

Photo Credit: Jacob Waring


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