Welcome To Roberta’s

News Writer – Tamonda Griffiths

Walking into North Campus, the first thing students notice are the smell of freshly baked cookies drawing them into the dormitory’s shoppette. 

Once inside, student’s see it’s not just the sweet treat that draws them in, but the shop owner herself. 

The North Campus Market has officially been renamed Roberta’s, after its employee of 28 years, Roberta Read. 

“She’s the sweetest woman in the world,” said Nate Scaniffe, a senior history major and North campus resident advisory (RA). “I would hate my job here if she wasn’t here.” 

Read said she knew the renaming was happening, but that it didn’t really phase her. She said what got to her was the number of people who came to the official renaming ceremony. 

Alexandra Macauda, the marketing manager for Chartwell’s Residential Dining, said the sign had been up since September, but it was “hugely important” to find a time when people could show support. 

“Honestly, the students’s called it Roberta’s… that’s why we call it Roberta’s,” said Macauda. 

Macauda said Roberta is the “main aspect” of why students come to the shoppette. 

Juan Dominguez, former district manager of Chartwell’s, said when he heard the ceremony would be taking place, he “couldn’t miss this this for a million dollars.” 

According to Dominguez, about two or three years ago he started the initiative to rename the shoppette Roberta’s. 

“We proposed it to the school based on students,” said Dominguez.

Photo Credit: Tamonda Griffiths

Feature Photo: (Left to Right) Director of Residence Life, Robert DeMezzo; Juan Dominguez, former resident district manager of Chartwells Residential Dining; district manager of Chartwells Residential Dining, Toby Chenette; North Campus Marketplace employee, Roberta Read; Vice President for Student Affairs, Tracy Tyree; current resident district manager of Chartwells Residential Dining, Jeff Kwolek; Director of the Student Center, Brad Crerar; and Chartwells Retail Director, Desiree Parker


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