Thunder rolled into the Bob Corda 5k

Jacob Waring – Reporter

Steven Cuomo of Shirley, NY won the annual Bob Corda Road Race 5k at Homecoming this weekend with a time of 19:16. The English department came in first for team competition.

“It feels pretty good to win this race,” said Cuomo.

Paul Baldini from North Haven, CT came in second with a time of 19:50 and Eric Krebs from Roxbury, CT came in third with a time of 19:52. These men also came in overall with the men’s group in the same order.

Women who came in overall was Sarah Vaughan of Rocky Hill, CT with a time of 21:21, Rebecca Burke of Portland, CT came in with a time of 22:14, and Rachel Furey of New Haven finished with a time of 22:15.

Rolling Thunder, a non-profit track organization for children with various disabilities, participated at the 5k. Steve Cuomo is the head coach and founder of Rolling Thunder, and father of the 5k’s winner, Steven Cuomo.

He said the non-profit program is a special needs, track and field running program for any athlete that wishes to participate in an inclusive environment.

However, he said it is different than the Special Olympics as they want to be included but not excluded. He said the money goes to the needs of the athletes, and they make sure the athletes are provided for.

“We have one boy who’s running for high school, who’s an amputee, he needed a blade—$3,000— so we got him a blade.

If somebody needs a wheelchair, we’ll get the wheelchair,” said Steve Cuomo.

All proceeds from the race benefitted the Bob Corda Scholarship fund and the men’s and women’s cross country/track and field teams. Corda worked at Southern for 30 years and the scholarship was created following his death, according to the Southern’s scholarship page.

Melissa Stoll, women’s cross country/track and field coach, said the race would not be possible without the help of other departments on campus and others in the Southern community. She said the track and field athletes are all around the course being supportive.

About 80 people participated in the 5k, she said.

“They’re the ones who are exuberant and they’re really getting the crowd going, moving and having a lot of fun with it,” she said. “Really I think people that are supporting the event is not only for homecoming, but for the Bob Corda scholarship fund and the men and women’s team, it’s really what it’s for.”

Photo Credit: Jacob Waring

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