Student involved in alleged shooting incident

Tamonda GriffithsNews Writer

On Friday, Sept. 21 the campus police department responded to two individuals that
had lost control of their vehicle, went across the road and crashed into a parked car in Lot 10 next to Schwartz Hall, according to university Police Chief Joesph Dooley.

He said the two individuals– one student, and one non-student– sustained minor injuries, were taken to a hospital, and released that same night, following the incident.

Dooley said there was an initial report of shots fired that the New Haven Police Department responded to. Dooley said they had come down Whalley Avenue and headed northbound on Fitch Street towards the university.

“I’m happy it was not more serious,” said Dooley, “it’s just.. it would be wrong for me to comment on New Haven’s investigation.”

The New Haven Police Department was unavailable for immediate comment.

Dooley said he did not release a campus-wide statement because the investigation is still taking place.

“Had there been imminent danger to the campus, we would have put something out,” said Dooley.


Photo Credit: Tamonda Griffiths

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