Dunkin Donuts and Adanti food court renovated

Victoria Bresnahan – News Editor

The Adanti Student Center (ASC) food court, Dunkin Donuts and sections of the Connecticut Hall cafeteria have been renovated and updated with new machinery.

Brad Crerar, director of the ASC, said Dunkin Donuts requires a “facelift” every five years, and a complete remodel every 10.

“Dunkin came forward and said you have to do a full remodel,” said Crerar. “We said we aren’t prepared to do a full remodel. The attitude was if you don’t do a full remodel we are not going to allow you to open.”

For Chartwells to renew the Dunkin Donuts license, which had recently expired, Crerar said they agreed to do the remodel.

“We have a few glitches in those digital signage that are being fed by Dunkin Corporate,” said Crerar. “Some of the stuff they are putting there does not apply to us. It is things we do not carry.”

Matthew Bickley, sophomore, and Dunkin Donuts student-worker, said in comparison to the previous Dunkin Donuts, the structure is completely renovated.

“There [are] also a bunch of new machines, which is also a little complicated to use,” said Bickley, “but we got the hang of it by now. Overall, in the long run, it will be great additions for it.”

Employees were trained on how to use these machines and create the new products as well, he said.

“Before, it was more limited, but now they have expanded it,” said Bickley. “It should be good for both parties.”

Certain items on the new menu, such as apple cider, are not yet available, said Bickley.

“[Customers] go up there and they ask for it,” said Bickley. “It’s kind of an inconvenience that we have to tell them we don’t have it. It’s kind of confusing, but students are patient—they are just like me.”

In addition, the ASC food court has two new stations. Build, a replacement for 2mato, allows students to customize their own pizzas. Create, which replaced the previous station called Freshens, gives students options to build their own salads or smoothies.

While Freshens was the healthy option for students, their prices were increasing, said Crerar. With the transition, most of the food prices at Create did not increase, he said.

“The reason behind that move was the economical, the cost of it, what the students were paying for it” said Crerar. “Also, at the same time, get a fresh look to the venues that were there.”

In addition, Southern’s new Resident District Manager Jeff Kwolek, said they are beginning to move away from red meats and use more plant-based proteins.

“In the Create station we have added a lot more greens,” said Kwolek. “There is kale in there now, there’s fresh spinach, chicken is fresh grilled. So, the amount of processed foods has been lowered.”

Connecticut Hall had new additions as well such as a Mediterranean station at the salad bar and a transition from frozen to fresh hamburger patties.

Photo Credit: Jenna Stepleman


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