Celebrating Homecoming

Josh LaBellaNews Writer

Southern Connecticut State University students and fans flocked to the Brownell parking lot last Saturday to celebrate homecoming day. There was music, games, food, tailgating and a parade.

One of the booths at the event was a bake sale to support relief for victims of Hurricane Maria. Jessica Hartwell, a senior communication disorders major representing the French Club, said many clubs and organizations had cooperated to put on the bake sale. She said the proceeds were going to UNICEF.

“So far we’ve had a really good turnout and a lot of people have said they will be coming back to donate more,” said Hartwell. “It’s honestly a great idea. I know a lot of students who have wanted a way to donate to those effected by the hurricane. We want to give what we can so having it at a big event like this is a really good idea.”

Jake Gillespi, a freshman business management major, said he had been watching the parade. He said it started with the marching band and then finished with a golf cart float- style parade.

“Events like this are great, I really like them,” said Gillespi. “They help build school spirit.”

Kevin Lenheart, a sophomore psychology major, said he’d been spending his time chilling, eating food, playing football and enjoying life. He said he loves going to events like homecoming.

“This is my first year living on campus,” said Lenheart, “and it’s totally awesome.”

Mitchell Donnellan, a freshmen computer science major, said he heard about the parade at Connecticut Dining Hall and came dining hall. He said he enjoyed seeing all the creative designs on the different organizations floats. Donnellan said he also went to get balloon animals after a friend forced him to. He said this was his first homecoming and it was quite fun.

“It brings the Southern Community together,” said Donnellan. “You meet new people and all the different organizations on campus.”

Yarelis Canales she was among many Southern alumni who came back to tailgate at homecoming. Canales said she had been hanging out, tailgating, watching the parade and seeing her friends. She said she loved the event.

“I think it’s a way to bring the Southern community together,” said Canales. “It raises school spirit so I always love events like these. The tailgate environment is a lot more engaging and fun.”

Dan Magee, a junior sociology major, said he’d been drinking at the tailgate most of the day. He said he was ready to watch the football game and support his team. He said he was really enjoying himself

“I’ve been getting free monsters, some food, and just drinking,” said Magee. “This brings the community closer together. Everyone has a great time.”

Liz Nerkowski, a junior accounting major, said she came to the event to show school spirit and support the football team. She said she’d been tailgating since 11 and had had a lot of fun. She said she like the parade and was happy that they moved it down to Brownell instead of up at the fields. Nerkowski said events like homecoming bring the community closer together.

“I’ve met so many new people just since I’ve been here,” said Nerkowski. “It definitely brings people closer together. On a good day too.”

Photo Credit: Josh LaBella


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