Bikes and skateboards: how students navigate campus

Alex PalmieriNews Editor

Using transportation around campus gets students to places faster, Branden Reece said.

“Skateboarding allows me to get from my dorm to the academic side of campus in a lot less time than it would take me to walk,” said Reece, a junior geography major.

Transportation on campus has taken off. There are students who get to their destination by skateboarding, biking and some even use scooters. Reece said he can get to his destinations a lot faster by using his skateboard rather than walking.

“I can usually get from Brunel to Davis Hall in two minutes,” said Reece. “But with walking, it would take me, like, ten minutes.”

After a class period, Reece said it is a great feeling to get right back on his skateboard and skate back to his dorm. Reece said that because he gets to his destinations so quickly, the main reason why he skates is to be good with time management.

“It’s also just a nice recreational activity,” said Reece. “I’ve skated on a scooter before, but I am more of a fan of the skateboard. It’s much easier.”

Daniel Perusina, a sophomore history major, rides his bike around campus. He uses the bike that his grandfather once owned. He said it is easier to get around campus with his bike, rather than walking everywhere.

“I do track and field and cross country,” said Perusina. “I have 6:30 a.m. morning practice. So I have to go from Hick all the way to Davis Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. Then I have to go from Davis to the temporary buildings. It’s just a struggle if you’re walking.”

Though it seems like Perusina has his transportation figured out, there is one thing that is worrying him most: the winter weather. He said he is not looking forward to the change of seasons that is soon to come.

“I’m really not looking forward to winter and all that snow,” said Perusina. “That’s just going to ruin my whole flow.”

Perusina said he would not use any other transportation to get around campus unless it is his car. Aside from that, Perusina said he enjoys biking and he will continue to use it to get around campus to get him to and from his destinations.

“People should bike,” said Perusina. “Bike to school, bike everywhere. Use any transportation aside from cars. Help the environment.”

Photo Credit: Palmer Piana


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