Italian Club raises funds for Harvey Relief Fund

Alex PalmieriNews Editor

A $2 donation not only gave students an opportunity to play a game of bocce, but to also possibly save lives.

All donations from faculty and students went to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund of the American Red Cross. All were welcome to the event.

The event was held Thursday, Sept. 7 from 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Anybody that wanted to could donate a couple dollars in exchange to play a game of bocce.

Deanna Scotto is a part of the Italian club and was one of the people holding a fundraiser for Hurricane Harvey that swept through Texas, leaving many without homes, clothes and little to eat. Scotto said the event lasted a little over three hours and she was proud of the funds that students offered.

“We have had some great interest,” said Scotto. “This is definitely a very fun game; it’s easy to play and easy to learn.”

Scotto said there is not any particular goals that they set to fundraise, but she was happy with the progress that was made throughout the day.

“Any little bit helps toward the Red Cross foundation,” said Scotto. “Whatever we can do is our goal.”

Lisa Vitale, a professor of Italian that also helped raise money for Hurricane Harvey, said all funds will go to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund and all victims that were a part of the hurricane will receive donations. She added the day the fundraiser was held was the perfect day to have it.

“The day ended up cooperating as far as weather goes,” said Vitale. “And it is pretty close to when the hurricane happened. We tried to organize it quickly and get it going.”

Half way through the fundraiser, Vitale said she was happy with the amount of donations they received. However, she added that she expected more before the event came to a conclusion.

“All kinds of people have stopped by to play a game, also to donate,” said Vitale.

Evan Saunders, a sophomore English major, said his family’s friends were impacted by the hurricane since they live in Houston.

“The situation is they live in a two-story apartment and their car got swept away and the first floor of their apartment complex is completely flooded,” said Saunders. “So, if I can help out in any way I can, I will.”

Saunders said he came out because he wanted to support because it was for a good cause. He added it is a fun game and he is glad the Italian club did it.

Annmarie Geibel, a professor of German, said she was happy to see all the students participate in playing bocce. She said she saw the students enjoying themselves and it was all worth it to donate for Hurricane Harvey.

“At least it is for a good cause,” said Geibel. “Students are bonding.”

There were plenty of students who donated to the cause to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Though the event was short lived, students still showed their appreciation in helping others by donating.

“We should stick together with activities across the board,” said Geibel. “We should participate in activities; that’s important.”

Photo Credit: Palmer Piana


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