Southern hosts Career and Internship Fair

Josh LaBellaGeneral Assignment Reporter

Southern Connecticut State University hosted a Career and Internship Fair on March 29. It was organized by the Academic and Career Advising Center.

In the Adanti Student Center, Francois Dominique, a recent graduate and business management major, said he already has a job but he wants to find better job opportunities.

“I came to look for more professional opportunities,” said Dominique. “I’ve seen a couple companies that I’m interested in so far.”

Tabish Syea, a junior management and information systems major, said he was looking for an internship.

“I’ve already found several companies that have good paying positions,” said Syea.

Aaron Tejada, a communications and marketing major, said he was looking for opportunities to better himself. He said Target was one of the businesses with a table at the fair and he thought that was cool.

“I used to work for Target, it’s good to see them here,” said Tejada. “I came here to better myself and Southern is providing great opportunities for its students. I even got an offer from Bridgestone Tires.”

Eva Christensen, an interdisciplinary studies major with focuses in nutrition, exercise science and psychology, said she is graduating in May and was looking for a job so she could hit the ground running.

“I thought this would be a good place to start,” said Christensen. “I just talked to a representative from Oak Hill. They run a summer camp for individuals with disabilities and they are actually right next to my house. That type of job is right in my comfort zone.”

The ballroom was filled with tables of manned by different companies looking for students to hire. One such table was run by Stephanie Hadden. She said she works for Lindamood-Bell, an educational company that works with students at a cognitive level.

“We have learning centers across the world,” said Hadden. “We come to places like Southern because they are educationally minded. We find many students who like working with people and that’s exactly what we’re looking for.”

Jodeci Oquendo, a senior psychology and mental health major, said she came to look for case management positions. She said she wants a social work job before she applies for graduate school. According to Oquendo, she was happy that Southern organized the event but wished it was easier to navigate.

“I think this is a great opportunity for students like myself who are graduating soon,” said Oquendo. “Honestly I wish it was organized a little better, maybe by major or field.”

Megan McDevitt, a recent graduate and interdisciplinary studies major with concentration in marketing and psychology, said she had good luck at the fair.

“I hit it off great with a person from SECS,” said McDevitt. “She told me that she had been looking for someone like me for a long time. I was excited because I had been looking for a company like them for a long time.”

McDevitt said she needed an event like this.

“I need a job,” said McDevitt. “I’m happy Southern had a career fair. I wanted to meet people face to face. It’s hard to just send out resumes because they don’t really get to know you.”

Photo Credit: Palmer Piana – Photo Editor


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