Student health insurance to be removed

Alex Palmieri – News Writer

Starting in the fall of the 2017 semester, Southern will no longer be offering health insurance to its students.

Lenymar Matos, junior psychology major, said this is a big problem for people who utilize the health insurance and need it. Though she said she waives her health insurance the university offers, she thinks it can be a big problem for those who only get coverage from the university.

“I know a few people who need it and I feel that it is a priority that needs to be there,” said Matos.

A small percentage of students that actually need the health insurance that the school provides and because of this, the majority of students waive their health insurance since a lot of students do not need it.

Matos said she did not know about this and students who do need it should speak up about the problems they may have without the health insurance.

Habbiegale Brown, freshman social work major, said this is not good for students who do not have coverage from the university. She said there are students out there who do not have coverage and the university is the only way they can get any type of insurance.

“I think it’s very bad,” said Brown. “There are some kids who don’t have health insurance. What if you get sick on campus? I just think the school should have health insurance for their students.”

Brown said health insurance would be beneficial for all people. Though she gets health insurance from somewhere else and she declines it from the university, Brown said she thinks many people are in need of it and Southern’s coverage might be the only way to get health insurance.

“I think students who need it should protest,” said Brown. “Or talk to the dean or something and see what they can do to keep the health insurance for kids who don’t have it.”

Jessica Uyar, senior psychology major, said she has been working in a pharmacy for the past four years and sees how expensive prescriptions are and how difficult it can be for people to get a hold of them. Uyar said she understands issues dealing with insurance and how expensive it can be.

“I don’t think that this is okay to just stop health care for students,” said Uyar. “It’s so expensive lately. People pay crazy money for insurance.”

Uyar said a lot of students have to pay for school, books and bills. With them needing to get their own health insurance plan to top it off, Uyar said it can be very difficult. With all the health care problems and how expensive medications are nowadays, Uyar said it is not right to get rid of it.

“This can be harming a lot of people,” said Uyar.

Uyar said health insurance is one of the most important things that the university had, and now they are taking it away. She said this is something that should be not be done, instead it should be negotiated until an agreement comes.

“I think students should all gather and write to the people in charge and protest,” said Uyar. “This is health; health is the most important thing anywhere. Nothing is as important as your health.”



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