Nursing Program Reaches Top 10 Percent of the Country

Alex Palmieri – News Writer

    The Nursing Program at Southern Connecticut State University has reached the top 10 percent of nursing programs in the country. It is essentially an outline for teaching the art and science of nursing. With the program being established in 1969, it marks its 47 year this fall.

    Lisa Rebeschi, department chairperson of the nursing program, said via email that both she and the faculty she works with are very proud to be a part of the top 10 percent of programs. She said the expert faculty along with all of the students within the program work hard every day to stay in the position they are. She added that it is an honor to be in this percentile.

    “I am extremely grateful to all of my colleagues,” said Rebeschi.

    The Nursing Program is one that is highly in demand nowadays. With nearly 80,000 qualified students denied admissions from nursing programs last year, Rebeschi said this is one of the reasons why it is so competitive. Rebeschi said because of all the support of Southern Connecticut State University, it has provided the resources necessary to have success.

    “Our continued emphasis,” said Rebeschi, “on academic excellence across the curriculum will enable us to maintain our success.”

    Briana Sestito,  a junior nursing major, said the program is very difficult to get into, hence the reason it is in the top 10 percent in the country. She said the GPA is a huge contributing factor of getting into it.

    “You need a C+ or better in all of your classes,” said Sestito. “It is tough but I’m going to do my best to get through it. It is what I want to do with my career so I will strive for it.”

    Sestito said a lot of people want to be nurses these days because of the demand and money. Because there are so many people attempting to become a nurse, Sestito said she can see why the university is in the top 10 percent. Though grades are important to becoming a nurse, Sestito said personality is another key factor.

    “Of course getting high grades will get you into the program,” said Sestito. “But if you are a people person, it will work into your benefit as well. Patients are sure to love someone they can talk to and connect with.”

    Victoria Davis, a junior public health major, said the nursing field is one that is growing rapidly. She said she is impressed of where Southern is standing and hopes it continues in that direction.

    “What they’re doing seems to be working tremendously,” said Davis. “I say to just have the program continue what they are doing and they will stay successful.”

    Rebeschi said she was not surprised the program reached its ranking. She said as an alumnus of the program herself, the department of nursing has always been in high regarded.

    “The faculty and I,” said Rebeschi, “are very proud to have been recognized as one of the top 10 percent of programs.”

Photo Credit: Vivian Englund – News Editor

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