Barcade coming to New Haven

Alex Palmieri – General Assignment Reporter

Game lovers and beer drinkers will soon rejoice; Barcade is planned to open in New Haven this April. Barcade is a bar for those 21 and older that combines a bar atmosphere with the features of an arcade.

Barcade originated in Brooklyn and now has a few locations within Pennsylvania, New Jersey and soon Connecticut. The restaurant has 25 available draft beers available along with large amounts of arcade games.

Preston Beaulieu, 21-year-old junior philosophy and history major, said he has never been to Barcade but would like to check it out. He said everyone enjoys having a beer and when games are added to the mix, people will enjoy themselves even more.

“It will attract a lot of people from SCSU I think,” said Beaulieu. “There will be a lot of people going to Barcade and I will definitely go as well.”

Beaulieu said he cannot see any negatives about the new Barcade opening up in New Haven because there is a big population that loves video games. Since this is the case, Beaulieu said it will attract more than just students; it will attract all crowds to go to the new place.

“I think all people will enjoy this type of place,” said Beaulieu.

Beer and games are not the only thing Barcade will serve; it will also establish lunch and dinner. The menu items will include sandwiches, egg rolls and other classic foods good to go with drinks and video games.

Dan Landino, senior biology and intensive medical anthropology major, said all aspects of Barcade sound good. He said with food, drinks and video games all in one place, it is something new for people of the area to do.

“It sounds like a chill spot to me,” said Landino. “As long as it’s in an area around other bars, their business will do well because it’s something Connecticut has never really seen before.”

Once they pass their inspections, Barcade will be open for business. They are planning on opening doors later in the month. Similar to Dave and Busters, Barcade will now be the video game bar of Connecticut.

“After all,” said Beaulieu, “who doesn’t like video games and drinks?”

Photo Credit: Jim & Rachel McArthur


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