Students reflect on season finale of ‘The Walking Dead’

Alex Palmieri – General Assignment Reporter

Last Sunday night was the season six finale of “The Walking Dead,” leaving many viewers wanting more. It was a bland season ending episode that left everyone skeptical.

Based off of a popular comic books written by Robert Kirkman, “The Walking Dead” is a human tragedy series after a major zombie apocalypse. The entire series is about the survivors, led by Rick Grimes, looking for a secure place to live and be content. The final episode of the season left students at Southern intrigued.

“I think this episode was really good,” said Paul Nicholas, junior and biology major. “It left me wondering with so many questions. You just knew as the episode came to an end, that something bad was going to happen.”

The last episode essentially revealed that Daryl Dixon did not die against his nemesis Dwight. But then, he along with Michonne and Glenn, are brought into an episode-ending twist when their loved ones were captured by ‘The Saviors.’ In the end, audiences were introduced to “The Savior’s’ leader Negan.

Negan was armed with his barbed-wire baseball bat, Lucille, and the tension rose, since all viewers knew something big was coming. Negan then picks someone he beats and murders.

“I think it is either Abraham or Eugene that got hit with the barbed-wire,” said Nicholas. “I’m not sure though. It definitely kept me intrigued.”

Just as Negan started to swing Lucille, the camera switched the point of view. Therefore, nobody knows who got whacked on the head by Lucille. The screen shifted gears towards the victim’s position while blood splashed with a sickening noise.

“I think it was Glen that Negan is going to kill,” said Emily Hodgson, senior and public health major. “I read the comic books; in one of the editions, it is Negan [Glenn]?? that dies.”

Hodgson said this season finale was very good because it left the audience with a cliffhanger, which Hodgson said is very effective. She said people will have to wonder about who got killed and other storylines for months to come, until season seven starts.

“This episode kept you on your toes,” said Hodgson. “I can’t wait for season seven; that season is going to be epic.”

Though Negan may be viewed as the bad guy of the series, Hodgson said his character is not all that bad.

“I really like Negan, said Hodgson. “I like his character because I read all of the comic books of “The Walking Dead” and his character is totally cool.”

Drew Bernier, freshman marketing major, said he was annoyed with the ending, but he cannot wait for season seven to air. Though Negan had murdered someone and no viewer knows who, Bernier said he thinks he as an idea as to who died.

“I read all the comics of “The Walking Dead,” said Bernier. “I personally have no idea because this show has so many twists. In the comics, it’s Glenn, so maybe it’s him.”

Negan has impacted “The Walking Dead” because everyone who did not read the comics, is not familiar with who he is. Even viewers who have read the comics are questioning who Negan killed and why.

“I just want season seven to start,” said Bernier. “The anticipation is killing me; I guess we’ll just have to wait and ponder for months who it is that Negan executed.”

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore


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