Annual SCSU Career Fair sees big turnout

Taylor Nicole Richards – News Writer

This year’s Career Fair boasted 101 employers and companies set up with an interest in Southern students. There were so many employers represented that tables spilled out into the hallway since the Adanti Student Center ballroom did not have enough space to fit them all. It was not only employers that filled the space, hundreds of Southern students filed in and out of the event that ran for a few hours last Wednesday afternoon, all dressed in appropriate business casual attire with their first and last names scribbled onto white name tags, handing out resumes and picking up employers’ contact information.

“I’m graduating in less than a month and I need to find a job as soon as possible,” said Qishuang Li, senior marketing major. “I appreciate the convenience of all these companies together in one place.”

Li dropped off her resume to Verizon and Banker’s Life. She said she’s hopeful to hear back from either of them because she thinks her marketing skills are up to par. She also thinks the fact that she can speak English, Chinese and Cantonese sets her apart from other students looking for jobs in her field. Jason Hannum, senior interdisciplinary studies major with a concentration in Marketing, is excited to “get the ball rolling” after he graduates soon.

“I already connected with [the companies] Indeed, Primacy and the McIntyre Group. For Indeed, I’m hoping I can work with their client services. For Primacy, I had an internship this semester that connected me with some of the people there so I gave them my resume as a refresher,” said Hannum. “I’m happy I already have some connections made.”

Hannum plans on taking all the contact information he has already received from speaking with employers and sending out follow-up emails as well as thank you letters to show he’s still very much interested. He said he enjoys the fact that Southern offers this event and is thankful for how much easier it has made his career hunting process.

Aimee Piccin, Associate Director of Academic and Career Advising, worked with a few other people in her office to coordinate this event. She was in charge of contacting employers as well as advising Southern faculty in putting this whole thing together.

“We want to make sure we have enough variety here. We have education represented, corporate, healthcare, STEM, the military and even more,” said Piccin. “We contact everyone directly. First we take a look at who came here before and we give them priority. If it’s a company that southern grads consistently get hired from we invite them back.”

The Academic and Career Advising office along with the Alumni Association send out a survey after each class graduates asking what each students’ plans are and who hired them. If anyone answers “not sure yet,” they get another survey in three months. This helps Piccin’s office determine which companies are active with Southern grads and gives her a good idea on who to invite to the Career Fair every year.

“We have a big population here so there’s something for everybody. This is a great opportunity for our underclassmen students who are still deciding,” said Piccin. “They can come and shake hands with people in the field that they’re interested in, ask questions and see what it’s all about. It’s a great networking opportunity for seniors as well.” 


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